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Oct 2018: Mr Koh’s presentation at the 2018 Singapore Writers Festival!

Oct 2018: All the best to the graduating classes of 2018 (click scroll buttons to see more)! See you back for our Financial Literacy Class!

Sep 2018: Mr Koh will be speaking at the upcoming Singapore Writers Festival and will present his latest children’s book (by Epigram) to an audience much younger than the one he usually faces. No demand and supply curves here but we promise lots of fun!

Feb 2018: A Level results are out! Congratulations to students who have done well. For students who have performed below expectations in their overall results, it is important to realise that things may not always go smoothly in life. Acceptance and moving ahead (thus demonstrating Resiliency) is important. More importantly, have no doubt that the doors have not closed on you. I (Mr Koh) am available to offer support or assistance in anyway I can.

2017 results

RI/HCI – 72% A; 90% A/B

NJC – 87% A/B

Other JCs – 77% A/B


Jan 2018: Mr Koh’s latest Economics Ten Year Series (published by Shing Lee) is out! Available at all Popular bookstores/school bookshops.

Oct 2017: Mr Koh’s Economics Revision mobile apps are out! Containing key concept flashcards, note-taking functions and key videos of Mr Koh’s Parachute Concept Approaches, students should make use of them in the revision for major exams. Simply click on the Android or IoS (Apple) icons at the bottom of the page to access the download links.

Economics tuition

Sep 2017: Intensive revision class with the J2s!


Aug 2017: My second article published in the Economics Society of Singapore bulletin

BeFunky Collage

Jul 2017: Another successful book sale with my most able assistant – more than 300 copies sold!


Jun 2017: My first successful collaboration with two ex-students! Our first children’s book by Epigram.

Apr 2017: New book released – Masterclass in Economics! Look out for this in all major bookstores.

Apr 2017: 2nd edition of Mr Koh’s bestselling Economics Guidebook is out in Popular and school bookstores!

Mar 2017: Topical flashcards are up! Visit to access this tool to accelerate your content revision.