The Economics Tutor

Who is Mr Melvin Koh

Mr Melvin Koh is more than just an ordinary econs tutor in Singapore. He actually lives and breathes Economics, as evident from his educational background. After scoring straight As for all core subjects in the ‘A’ Levels (including a distinction in Economics ‘S’ paper (aka H3 Economics)), he was awarded a Scholarship by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 2002 and went on to study Economics at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He graduated with a First Class Honours in Economics and was awarded a placing on the prestigious University Scholars Programme President’s Honour Roll. He also topped the entire Economics Honours Batch in his year and was awarded the Economic Society of Singapore Gold Medal. He has written 2 Economics guidebooks for ‘A’ level students so far. Both are available at Popular bookstores and a number of school

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Vast experience and unique approach

With more than a decade of experience in teaching Economics, coupled with a financial background, Mr Koh’s credentials in essay-writing are also well-known – with a published Economics article in the Asian Journal of Public Affairs and top honours in international Economics writing competitions that earned him total prize money of more than $10,000. He was also featured in Channel NewsAsia (June 2007) and The Straits Times (March 2010) for his achievements.

Mr Koh is the founder and sole tutor at ThatEconsTutor, which specialises in helping students excel in Economics through economics tuition using his self-developed Parachute Concept approach. He translates his own learning success to teaching by imparting important memory skills to help students remember the important concepts contained within the syllabus. Students are also equipped with problem-solving skills to help them tackle typical past-year questions and challenging higher-level thinking questions. Most important of all, through econs tuition in Singapore, he helps students see that Economics is a fun subject with real-world relevance that will benefit them throughout their lives.