Economics Tuition Courses


When sourcing for tutors, most parents look out for two things – (i) effectiveness and credibility of tutor; and (ii) cost-competitiveness. While the latter is undoubtedly important, it can be distressing for parents if their children enroll in a class which fails to motivate them or worse, makes them feel even more disillusioned with the subject. Why sign up for H2 economics tuition in the first place? It is because we understand that JC is a short and highly competitive two-year stint, and A Level Economics is not easy to grasp at the start. And thus, parents and students seeking JC economics tuition should aim to “Do-it-once, do-it-right”.

It is Mr. Koh’s belief that effective tuition can only be delivered with personalised attention and customised lectures. [Classes are often filled by 1st half of the year so early bookings are advised].This is to ensure that every student is thoroughly engaged during the lesson and gets to enjoy the best out of the lessons. To-date, Mr koh has not encountered a student who cannot be motivated into taking an interest in the subject. In fact, he has personally befriended many ex-students, who now contact him regularly for a cup of coffee or a chat over scholarship/career plans.

An added advantage of the optimised class size is that students can submit items for discussion during the lesson. For example, a student who has difficulty understanding a certain concept taught in their school lecture can highlight this to Mr Koh, who will clarify the concept during the upcoming class. This is based on a “leave-no-baggage and leave-no-stones-unturned” philosophy.

To find out more, simply sign up for a free trial class. An added advantage of early sign-ups is that you get to monitor your progress with us along the way, and would not have to cram in two years’ of work in a frantic rush for the finals. 

If you would like to speak to an existing student, an ex-student, or even a parent to find out more about Mr Koh’s economics tuition classes, feel free to contact him too!

JC 1 - classes are conducted in small groups

Lesson structure goes according to school syllabus, i.e. HCI / DHS / VJC / NYJC start on macroeconomics in the first year. Other schools cover the entire microeconomics syllabus.

2018 schedule

JC 2 - Classes are conducted in small groups

Syllabus coverage ends in end-May, followed by intensive revision classes. Limited openings left.

2018 schedule

June crash courses - Small group classes

1 topic covered per day, spanning a six-day period. 3 hours per session. Sign up with a friend to get $20 off.

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Tuesday:                  5 to 7pm (HCI/NYJC/VJC) – H2

Tuesday:                  7:15 to 9: 15 pm (RI, NJC, EJC and other JCs) – H2

Saturday:                9:30 to 11:30 am (RI, NJC, EJC and other JCs) – H2

*First lesson can be taken as a trial, in the sense that no fees are payable if the student decides not to continue. Otherwise, regular fees apply for the first lesson too (a full 2h lesson).


Register in JC 1 (Jan- Dec period) –   $350 (for four lessons)

*A once-off $80 registration fee applies

The registration fee includes access to Mr Koh’s online resources (online essay-writing software, flashcards, revision Android/iPhone apps) and copies of Mr Koh’s two guidebooks.


Wednesday:             5:00 to 7:00 pm – H2

Wednesday:          7:15 to 9:15 pm – H2

Wednesday:          7:00 to 8:30pm – H1

Friday:                    5:00 to 7:00 pm – H2

Friday:                    7:15 to 9:15 pm – H2

Saturday:               11:45 to 1:45 pm – H2

Sunday:                  9:30 to 11:30 am – H2

Sunday:                  11:45 to 1:45 pm – H2



Register in JC2 (Jan – Apr period):   $380 (for four lessons)

Register in JC2 (May – Jul period):  $400 (for four lessons)

Register in JC2 (Aug – Nov period):   $480 (for four lessons)

*A once-off $80 registration fee applies

The registration fee includes access to Mr Koh’s online resources (online essay-writing software, flashcards, revision Android/iPhone apps) and copies of Mr Koh’s two guidebooks.


$320 nett

Fees are considered above-average rates, but so are our results. Students are incentivised to join earlier with lower rates. But the main draw is that you get to work through the Content, Application and Methodology phases with Mr Koh to maximise your ability to secure an A at the end of two years. Special crash courses are also conducted in June to help new students catch up on Mr Koh’s parachute concepts. 

Each lesson lasts 2 hours. Mr Koh actively asks questions and elicit comments from students during his classes, and this is impossible to do within a shorter class duration. All lessons are conducted from Coronation Plaza, which is easily accessible by bus or train.

Once registered, the fees will be locked in throughout the student’s stint with us, i.e. the fees will remain the same from the point of registration until the A levels.

Beginning 1 Jan 2017, a once-off registration fee of $80 is applicable for new students who sign up. This fee covers access to Mr Koh’s Economics resources, including FREE copies of his Economics guidebooks, almost 400 online flashcards, and other lecture materials.