Frequently asked questions

Yes. He conducts all Economics lessons himself. However, we have other partner educators teaching other subjects in the same centre as well (Chemistry, Physics and Maths).

Given that sessions are held once per week, emphasis is placed on imparting Mr Koh’s “Parachute Concept” methodology to help students bridge the gap between content understanding and application to answering questions. As such, students are advised to attend all lessons every week. Homework will also be given to ensure that students have fully internalised the contents of the lesson. Given the optimised class size, personalised attention can be provided, with tailored learning paths for each student.

Mr Koh is the author of the Economics Ten Year Series (available in Popular bookstores). He have also published a guide to A level Economics with another NUS Economics lecturer. Students can get a sense of his teaching methodology and the associated clarity/rigour of his teachings by flipping through his books in the bookstore.

No additional fees are charged, except for the monthly tuition fees.

A once-off $50 registration fee applies

2 hrs per class. Students are welcome to stay back after class to clarify any doubts or school homework.

Mr Koh has 90% A/B, and targets to reach 90% A. Please refer to the testimonial page for details. A trial class is all Mr Koh needs to show you the difference in his classes.

Contact Mr Koh directly at 9070-6248 or send an email to thateconstutor@gmail.com

Trial class works in the sense that no fees are payable if the student does not continue after the class. Otherwise, the first class will still be taken into consideration in billing.