Acknowledgement from class of 2021

Having little prior exposure to the subject, econs was definitely one of the most challenging subjects for me when i first entered JC. For me, the hardest part is knowing which parts of the thick sets of notes my schools gave me were relevant and knowing how to answer the essay questions. When i first started, i tried really hard memorising the notes given to me in school to regurgitate it out in exams. However, despite being able to memorise the notes, my grades still failed to improve. My answers were often irrelevant to the questions as i found myself purely regurgitating my memorised notes. Mr Koh classes perfectly bridged the gap in my learning which helped me dramatically improve my grades over time from consistent Us to eventually getting my A in A levels. His emphasis on thoroughly understanding concepts and breaking the questions down really helped guide my thinking process and made econs so much easier to handle. Besides just being spectacular at teaching, Mr Koh is truly one of the most inspiring teacher that have made a great impact on my life. His positivity and good energy radiates through his classes and it honestly always brightens up my day. I’ve often struggled with listening and liking teachers my whole life (which eventually even made me dropped out of my JC) but I can confidently say that Mr Koh is one of the only few exceptions in my life where i truly respect him. After dropping out, Mr Koh’s guidance really really helped my studying so much. While i also definitely put in a lot of effort studying to get my ‘A’ grade, it would not have been possible without the help of Mr Koh. i really cannot speak higher and recommend any teacher more than Mr Koh!!!
Calvin (Pte Candidate) - A in Econs
Mr Koh has helped me tremendously in the past 1 year. For content lessons, what I found helpful was the concise summaries he provided during lessons and how he spent time during lessons meaningfully by going through certain noteworthy parts, and pointed us toward the school notes for other parts that he felt we should self-study. Besides content, Mr Koh taught us how to actually write our essays and case studies. This was most helpful for me because, like many students, I was able to understand content, but had no clue how to structure my essays or what were the key points to take note of. His handy guidebook served me very well and so did his abbreviations that really make almost every essay question answerable because of how transferable and broad-based they were! I owe my progress in Economics to Mr Koh’s amazing and well thought-out curriculum, and his patience in addressing many of my incessant queries. Thank you for all your guidance Mr Koh :,)
Jamie (HCI) - A in Econs
During J1, I felt lost whenever I did Econs. As a Science student through and through, the emphasis on prose writing in the high-weightage sections of both CSQs and essays challenged me. I had no idea how to write a response that was satisfactory for my teachers, let alone Cambridge. When I joined Mr Koh's lessons in J2, his prescribed acronym-based models for both general answering techniques and common specific questions were like a light in the dark tunnel I was in; it gave me a sense of clarity and direction just like how formulas in the Sciences did. Mr Koh's compartmentalisation of the syllabus makes his lessons easy to follow and intuitive to understand. On top of that, Mr Koh is a diligent and encouraging teacher who always strives to help his students, as he did for me by staying back to clarify my doubts after lessons. I can say without a doubt that Mr Koh's guidance is what brought me out of the darkness of the uncertainty I once had about Econs and allowed me to achieve the results I now have. Thank you Mr Koh!
Isaac (RI) - A in Econs
At the end of J1, despite genuinely putting in effort for Economics I was scoring Us in every paper I took. I was at a loss, and genuinely panicked because I did not know how to move forward. My friend recommended that I try taking Mr Koh’s classes, and I went in ready to give it my all but thinking that only a miracle would be able to save my grades. Over the year that I attended Mr Koh’s classes, he proved himself to be the miracle I needed. Mr Koh’s teaching style is unique, his focus on techniques and structures alongside the teaching of content allow for deeper understanding and the honing of application skills. His classes were interactive and engaging, and his genuine passion for the subject shines through in how he taught us. Outside of classes he is also very willing to help his students, very quickly responding to questions via text and marking extra essays with very short turnaround time. His comments on submitted work are detailed, and unlike teachers in school he gives structured feedback on what exactly is missing and how to push the answer to L3. I wound up getting a B for my As, which is a huge leap from consistently scoring Us throughout my first year of JC, and I could not have done it without Mr Koh. I would definitely recommend him to anyone taking econs, because he makes studying the subject so much more efficient and fun too!
Nicole (RI) - B in Econs
I remember feeling extremely stressed during my J1 year, as no matter how hard I studied for Econs, I was still unable to see any improvement in my grades. I spent most of my time available during Promos period studying Econs and barely had time at all for other subjects, yet I could only scrape through with a C. After joining Mr Koh’s classes in J2, while I didn’t see a marked improvement right at the start, I somehow felt more confident as Mr Koh’s classes taught me exactly what assessors were looking for. His classes place huge emphasis on the most important thing that is often neglected— exam skills. He makes use of a variety of acronyms to help us tackle different topics better and would always use clear diagrams and flowcharts, making the lesson content exceedingly simple to digest. As he offers students the option to choose between joining a live zoom class or watching the recording at their own pace, it allows students of different learning styles to adopt revision methods they are most comfortable with. After adopting Mr Koh’s techniques, I trusted the process and was definitely rewarded at the end. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to score this well without his help.
Emmanuel (HCI) - A in Econs
At the end of J1, I was still finding it difficult to identify the question focus and content needed in the essay. panic mode sets in I decided to join Mr Koh’s lessons and Mr Koh really saved my Econs grades. By categorising important content and keywords into different themes, it has become a lot easier to remember the essential points needed for concise and coherent essays. One of the most significant points that he has taught us would be “focus on the dartboard”. By training us to identify the question focus, it is already half the battle won! He responds to messages really promptly! (almost immediately) I really recommend everyone to join Mr Koh’s lessons because he would really provide you with a whole new perspective to Econs! I did not like studying Econs at the start and felt really lost as to how to phrase my answers and draw my diagrams, but Mr Koh’s guidance on the techniques and skills (extremely valuable!!) made Econs a lot more interesting! Thank you Mr Koh!
Chloe (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh’s lessons made econs a much easier and enjoyable subject to study with his structures and acronyms. Even foreign questions could seem so familiar, which allows us to tackle most questions in exams. He teaches us how to study and write smart, allowing us to have a targeted approach towards economics exams. On top of that, he is patient, encouraging and often inculcates life values in his lessons. With his guidance, my confidence in economics increased in a short period of time 🙂 Thank you Mr Koh!
Yen Kit (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh introduced frameworks that are unique to every topic. These frameworks provided a form of structure, such that understanding concepts became more logical to me. He also highlighted key concepts and organised them well, which helped with my revision. A kind and dedicated tutor, Mr Koh always clarified our doubts in a timely manner. With his guidance, I was able to view Econs using a different perspective and improved significantly
Zidney (ASRJC) - A in Econs
Before I joined Mr Koh's classes at the start of J2, I was scoring Cs in the subject. I struggled with writing econs essays (content wise and time management wise) and I did not know how to study effectively for this unfamiliar subject. Econs has always been a subject I dreaded due to how unpredictable the questions always seemed to be and the fact that I was less confident in the humanities. However, Mr Koh made such a seemingly unpredictable subject to one held together by reliable structures and frameworks. His acronyms and frameworks really helped to break down the subject into something more structured, manageable and straightforward. Additionally, he guided us in terms of dissecting questions and identifying typical question types which all have their typical answer framework. Due to this, I could better able summarise the content and easily know how to plan my essay regardless of what question appears. Mr Koh is also very dedicated in helping us outside of lessons, and I thank him for answering my slew of questions so readily via text and for providing prompt feedback on my work. At the start, my econs did not seem to improve as much as I hoped for, and I asked for an online consult with Mr Koh to help review my approach for econs. I think that one consult really identified what I should be working on (time management and more emphasis on evaluation) and it definitely set myself the correct direction to improve! From then onwards, with a more targeted approach, my grades started improving slowly but consistently as I grew increasingly more confident and prepared in tackling econs. I definitely couldn't have improved so much and achieved good results without Mr Koh's effort and patient guidance 🙂 Thank you so much Mr Koh!!!
Nic (HCI) - A in Econs
I joined Mr Koh's class really late (maybe ~1+ months before As?) but it was really good in helping me to reinforce and consolidate the concepts that I had previously learnt. In addition, the specific structures and techniques that Mr Koh used in tackling questions from different topics helped me to better understand what I should look out for whenever I approach any question, and I was able to better plan my answers within a short period of time. Previously, I felt that I didn't really know what was expected of me whenever i was faced with uncommon questions, but the general framework which i had learnt was very helpful for me with regards to the analysing of such questions. I also liked the flexibility of the classes, which meant that I could go back to the recorded videos after lessons to follow up on anything that I had missed. Overall, Mr Koh's classes were very useful and engaging at the same time, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks for the help Mr Koh!
KN (HCI) - A in Econs
As a student who has always been weak in humanities, essay writing has always been a scary and dreadful task. However, mr koh provides structures and frameworks for all topics that are easy to remember and apply. This not only simplifies the whole process of essay writing, but also makes understanding complex concepts easier. Mr koh always emphasises the importance of breaking down the question so as to better understand the question requirements and convey my answer in the most succinct and efficient way possible. Hence, my biggest takeaway from his lessons is that it’s not about the end point, but the process! His guide book is also extremely valuable as he condenses topics into just a few pages ensuring that essential points are included, yet not missing out on the smaller details. Mr koh is very personable and often shares personal experiences to make lessons less mundane. Thankyou Mr Koh for making econs a less daunting subject!
Pei Yee (HCI) - A in Econs
My experience learning Economics involved overcoming many challenges. I struggled to apply the content learnt to the various types of essay questions and tailoring my answer to the context in CSQs. Step by step, Mr Koh clearly and concisely imparted knowledge that helped to improve my understanding of the subject and skills that made me more confident in tackling the questions in both papers. The effective essay structures for each topic have aided in my content mastery and question application. Whenever I encountered any difficulties during revision, Mr Koh would readily clarify my doubts and provide feedback for my work, which certainly allowed me to improve on my answering techniques. Above all, Mr Koh is a patient and encouraging teacher who will walk the journey of conquering A level economics with you. Thank you Mr Koh for your guidance in both Economics and life!
Kah Jean (RI) - A in Econs
Prior to joining Mr Koh’s lessons at the very end of JC1, I have always struggled to grasp the concepts in Economics and never had an ounce of liking for the subject. It was through Mr Koh’s lessons, where he often reinforced his unique frameworks and addressed the wide range of possible questions asked, that I started to see improvements in my results. Despite the short amount of time I had, plus my disinterest in the subject, I managed to improve from scoring consistent Ds and Es to ultimately a B for ‘A’ Levels. More importantly, during ‘A’ Levels, I felt confident enough to tackle the Market Structure essay although I did not revise much from it, and this can be attributed to Mr Koh’s consistent recaps and reinforcement of concepts. Beyond academics, I also started to progressively understand the significance of what I was studying and started to somewhat enjoy the learning process as I noticed myself looking forward to his lessons. Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated and passionate tutor, and I am beyond grateful to be his student. I have personally learnt so much from him, which was not just limited to Economics, that I can proudly say will last me for a lifetime. He has inspired me a lot and there’s really no place that does it better than ThatEconsTutor!
Megan (HCI) - B in Econs
As Economics was a vastly new and different subject going into Junior College, I struggled immensely with understanding concepts. I hated econs due to the perceived insurmountable difficulty level and complexity, however after attending Mr Koh's lessons, I found myself enjoying the subject and its intricacies. He used parachute concepts to compartmentalise the different topics and made it so much easier to study. Not only was Mr Koh a dedicated tutor who answered all my doubts, he also went above and beyond to motivate and befriend his students. An incident that had left a lasting memory on me was in JC2, where my friend and I were completely lost in the macro topics. Perplexed, we sought help from Mr Koh. We then met him for a 2 hour long physical consultation where he patiently clarified all our doubts and assured us that everything was going to be okay. In addition, he also treated us to drinks and provided us with concise and helpful notes. I remember feeling so touched and grateful that he was so willing to go the extra mile to support and encourage us. While all of his classes were through Zoom due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he still went the extra mile to form bonds with his students by constantly encouraging us with thoughtful and sweet messages in the group chat. In particular, the nights before our A level examinations and our results day, he even typed a long paragraph to reassure us. In addition, the virtual classes made it easier for us to look back at past concepts being taught. Not only do I regard Mr Koh as my teacher, I regard him as a friend. I could go to him for his advice on non-academic issues, and his (lame) jokes never fail to put a smile on my face! I genuinely recommend Mr Koh for anyone who is currently struggling in Economics as his lessons are extremely effective, fun, and interesting. Mr Koh's strong desire to befriend his students is one that sets him apart from other tutors that I have gone to. Thank you Mr Koh for the past 1.5 years, I will never forget you! 😀
Yee Xuan (DHS) - A in Econs
Mr Koh’s style of teaching is very unique and different from other teachers. My favourite thing about his lessons was all his acronyms and frameworks that made econs papers seem not so scary anymore. The way he gets us to appreciate themes in econs and to break down every single question we see made me never scared for A levels econs because whatever question i saw there, no matter how novel, or weird it is, i can always rely on his trusty BCC and SCC to answer it. What’s interesting about his lessons is that he never ever actually goes through any answer keys, because there was never a need to. He gets us to understand that there’s no point reading answer keys and trying to memorise them, because what’s more important is to break down different questions and see patterns in how to approach it. Mr Koh even offers a complimentary lessons every week, sometimes even 2 lessons per week, so there is more than enough time to cover the content as well as answer our questions real time during class. Outside of class, whenever i had a question about something i saw in school, or anywhere i could easily ask him because he would reply so fast and help me clear my doubts immediately. Although I never attended Mr Kohs lessons in person, I know Mr Koh is very caring to all of his students. He finds time to joke with us and share personal stories during lessons which make things we are studying so much more real. His little book was all i needed to revise for A levels, and the techniques he taught us to break down questions and answer it gave me so much confidence going into A levels and made econs really enjoyable for me. I highly highly recommend anyone who needs help in econs to go for Mr Koh’s lessons!
Ignatius (HCI) - A in Econs
Before joining Mr Koh’s class, I struggled to score in econs despite being able to understand the concepts and being interested in the subject. Through his lessons, Mr Koh helped me understand how to structure my answers in a relevant and more accurate manner, allowing me to gear my essays towards what Cambridge was looking for. The answering techiques that he introduced help to streamline my thinking and writing process, which was especially beneficial for my time management. His unique teaching methods also helped break down certain concepts in a digestable manner that aided memorisation and understanding. The one thing I appreciated the most was his quick replies to whatever queries I had (without compromising the quality of his answers). In fact, there was once when I had sent him an essay for feedback and wanted to edit certain parts, but by the time I could send a new edited version, he had already marked the first one! Overall, Mr Koh is an enthusiastic tutor with a cheerful disposition who will not hesitate to help you with his abundance of materials and knowledge. I am grateful for his guidance which has helped me go from a C in econs for prelims to an A in the A levels.
Joyslyn (RI) - A in Econs
Economics, to me, was the most challenging subject to do well in during my JC life. The questions vary limitlessly, and knowing the correct content to write was the personally the hardest concept to grasp. Mr Koh has helped me tremendously in improving my econs. His many frameworks guided me in better answering essays and case study questions. Not only that, he also goes through niche questions that occasionally appear in A levels. For example, I vividly remember memorising the framework for rational decision making right before the exam day. To my joy, when I flipped open the paper the next day, rational decision making was right there. I resolutely believed that helped me in securing an A. As long as you have confidence in Mr Koh’s teaching and frameworks, an A is almost guaranteed for any econs exam!
Brian (NJC) - A in Econs
In JC1, my friends and i were quite lost and confused about econs and usually didn’t score too decently in tests and exams (partly due to our school teacher whom we didnt really click well with his teachings). however, this continued to JC2 and after the first half of the year, we started to get quite anxious as A levels were just few months away and our econs standard did not seem to have improved. my friend joined mr koh’s classes first and introduced me to join his classes (as he said that his brothers attended his lessons back when they were still in JC and both of them scored A for A level econs!). i needed all the help i could get so i decided to give it a try. a few lessons in and i was already much more enlightened and slowly i became more and more confident in econs thanks to mr koh’s fun and easy to understand econs structures and acronyms. mr koh is really informative, patient, will clarify all your doubts and will take the extra mile to help u understand anything u are unsure of. he also teaches us valuable life lessons outside of econs. i ended up with an A for econs in A levels! (i once thought tat it was impossible to even pass) i can safely say that without mr koh, i would not have gotten my A, thank you so much!
Claudia (NYJC) - A in Econs
Before joining Mr Koh's classes, I thought of economics as a hard-core memorization subject. I was very lost as to how to write an essay, mostly spamming content based on what I memorised from lecture notes. Unable grasp the subject, I fared badly in JC1, failing my examinations. After attending Mr Koh's lessons for a period of time, I learned that there was a structure we could follow for every essay question, and that helped me greatly in essay writing. Using acronyms to help us recall structures and content better, I realised that I did not have to memorise tons of essays to be able to write well. Despite lessons being brought onto zoom due to Covid, Mr Koh puts in extra effort to ensure that students are able to catch up. He provides free consultation lessons weekly, allowing him to check in on our school assignments and guide us. As for students who require more guidance, we are also able to book 1-1 online or physical consultations. From an S grade to an A, from disliking the subject to enjoying writing essays - all thanks to Mr Koh! Mr Koh is a patient, kind, hardworking tutor - as seen from the sheer number of hours put into coaching students. No doubt one of the best economics tutor in SG! The only regret I have is not starting lessons with Mr Koh earlier! Thank you Mr Koh!
Tricia (RVHS) - A in Econs
I chose Econs as a subject to take as I am very interested in Econs. Despite my interest, I was unable to score well and had severe misconceptions about how papers were marked and I found myself getting S for my Mid Year Exams in J2. I asked around and a friend recommended Mr Koh to me and I joined his classes. Mr Koh was enlightening and created structures that allows students to tackle ANY question, even those that are out of the norm. We learn how answers are graded and how to get the coveted L3 on our answers. Mr Koh is up to date with different schools' teaching methods/styles and also tailors his lessons to help students be clear about what their schools may be teaching them. His lessons allowed me to go from almost giving up in Econs classes to actively participating. Furthermore I was able to clarify any of my doubts regarding any content and Mr Koh would reply very quickly. While many may think that Econs is just about memorising essays and regurgitating, Mr Koh's teachings allows us to apply our concepts to frameworks and answer all questions. As I joined his classes rather late into J2, I was quite far behind his class but Mr Koh always reached out and made sure I understood whatever terms he was using and even sent me recorded lessons from before I joined to bolster my understanding. Within 3 months, I was able to go from S in mid years to an A in prelims. Mr Koh's passion for Econs and enthusiasm to help students do their best will definitely help any and all students!
Marcus (EJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is one of the most enthusiastic and organised teachers I’ve ever met, and attending his class was also one of the best decisions that I’ve made entering JC. His teaching quality is undoubtedly outstanding and the pedagogy absolutely effective. While making content easier to comprehend, Mr Koh made learning Economics in A-Level incredibly simple through his own structures in question analysis and writing, which I had not seen often from other teachers. He would go through questions in great details if needed and guide us patiently to truly understand the concepts and techniques. I only joined the lessons towards the end of J1, but Mr Koh helped me improve fast. Within a month, l had learned how to break down questions and develop logical plans for responses according to the indicated question requirements within seconds. He would always answer my questions as soon as possible and make sure that I understood them well. So, if you want to be an efficient learner in Economics, I would definitely recommend you join Mr Koh’s class!
Andrew (HCI) - A in Econs
Before I joined Mr Koh's classes, I thought that econs was about pure memorisation and regurgitation, heavily relying on my school notes for tests and exams. I often tried to ``spot`` questions in a bid to gain an unfair advantage as well. However, after joining Mr Koh's class, I was impressed by his methodology and found that memorisation became so much easier, since he has an acronym for almost every topic and essay structure imaginable. Furthermore, his risk-based approach ensured that I no longer had to gamble when it came to revision and I went into the exam hall more confidently, as the skills for question analysis and answering techniques he imparted gave me the ability to answer questions accurately and more importantly, efficiently. Most important of all, Mr Koh's passion for econs has also made me much more interested in the subject, which certainly contributed to making me more motivated and less tired during revision. I have absolutely no regrets joining Mr Koh's class, and I highly recommended that you do so too!
Ryan (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is incredibly resourceful and has a very unique and effective teaching pedagogy. He explains concepts in great detail which has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the topics and draw links between the macro and microeconomics topics. Besides this, he has taught us the skill of question analysis and also various frameworks which have been exceptionally useful in answering both case study and essay questions. Most importantly, Mr Koh is always very encouraging and helpful in giving advice and in answering any questions I have. Thanks to his guidance my grades for Econs managed to skyrocket to an A at the A-Levels.
Ee Xiang (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is a dedicated teacher who is able to break down Economics concepts into bite-sized chunks that are easy to understand and remember. His use of various acronyms and answering techniques helped me break down both straightforward and “curveball” questions in a way that addresses the question requirements clearly. His comprehensive guidebook was a helpful add-on to his lessons, where key concepts are distilled for students to quickly digest main ideas from thick lecture notes. I find that his topical review of all the JC prelim papers/TYS questions leading up to ‘A’s really helped push his students to be the most familiar with potential question types that would appear in the final exams. Beyond that, I also appreciate Mr Koh’s patience with answering our individual questions and his support for our development as young adults beyond academics. Through Mr Koh’s lessons, my econs grades improved from the B to C range in school exams to an A in A levels.
Yimin (RI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is a caring and passionate teacher who is willing to go out of his way to help students. During the start of JC1, I had no idea how to start on an essay and only blindly memorised lecture notes. However, thanks to Mr Koh's simple but effective exam techniques and methodologies, I could start answering questions with a clear structure in mind and by the end of JC2, I could smoothly write out 3 full essays. Mr Koh is also very willing to answer any questions raised whether is it in class or through whatsapp, and encourages us to consult him as and when we have any doubts. Thanks Mr Koh all the help provided! 🙂
Elizabeth (DHS) - A in Econs

Acknowledgement from class of 2020

I think the trial class is enough for any student to realise how effective Mr Koh’s lessons are. New to Economics, my classmates and I were unsure about the same things: how to structure the answer, which pieces of information are relevant, or how part “b” is different from part “a” of the essay. With Mr Koh’s help, we gained confidence in dealing with these common issues. Unlike school lessons, I observed that Mr Koh structures the content into frameworks, that weave in common exam question types (i.e. 90% of the questions normally asked). For every question type, he has a special answering technique and an accompanying acronym. So instead of trying to take apart every “new” question that looks so-similar-yet-so-different, he helps us break them all down into maybe 15 acronyms. Especially when under exam pressure, these acronyms become life-saving formulae – because they save some much-needed time, and provide clarity of thought to answer the questions appropriately. Apart from his lesson content, Mr Koh is also extremely committed to each student’s learning. He has one of the fastest essay feedback rates (if I remember correctly, his record was 20 minutes), and quality will not be compromised. It truly is one of the distinguishing factors between him and other tutors. Mr Koh is honestly one of the very few tutors who have become even more effective after moving the classes to online due to Covid-19 scenario. With e-lessons, we can attend multiple lessons a week to revise old material, re-watch recordings to fill in any gaps, and ask questions more easily. For any student struggling in Econs, I would suggest that you try Mr Koh’s lessons out. Not to give false hope: My grades did not improve immediately. But I knew for a fact that my understanding and approach to the questions had improved significantly. And I did eventually get that A.
Hemadri (RI) - A in Econs
In JC2, my friends and I were extremely lost for econs. We went for many econs tuition trials and we eventually decided to join Mr Koh’s tuition... and we are VERY GLAD AND THANKFUL that we made such a decision back then. Thinking back, some of the main reasons which set mr koh’s lessons apart from the others include Mr Koh’s patience, his sincere desire for us to understand and love economics and of course, his pedagogy which focuses more on the application of our knowledge. Being a rather inquisitive learner who overthinks and overcomplicates issues, it was really hard for me to understand economic concepts. I often doubted the content in my lecture notes as I always questioned if the theories were always true and I often wondered what would have happened if the assumptions made did not hold true. Overcomplicating things and asking questions which were not in the syllabus hindered my learning as I confused myself and when I consulted my teachers, they would dismiss my questions, telling me that I did not have to know what I wanted to know. Thankfully, Mr Koh helped me out. He always answers my questions no matter how weird or basic they are and no matter how many times I clarify with him. He would use different analogies and ways of explanation to explain to me the concept until I fully understand them and this really helped me understand the economic concepts rather than just memorising and regurgitating in examinations. Besides Mr Koh’s patience, another thing that really helped me in learning economics is his pedagogy. Economics lecture notes are often convoluted and filled with loads of information. It is extremely hard for students to read and remember every single bit of information in our lecture notes as it takes up a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, even after undertsanding every single bit of information in the lecture notes, we may not know how and when to apply and use these knowledge to answer questions. This renders this way of revision rather inefficient. In comparison, Mr Koh distills the lecture notes into themes which focuses on the most important things that are often needed in examinations. He also shows us a variety of questions and we will dissect the questions and go through the relevant concepts form there. This way of reverse engineering really helps us to revise more efficiently and effectively as compared to reading lecture notes. Mr koh’s lessons are also very well planned and if we attend lessons consistently, we would not have to worry that we will forget certain older concepts when we learn newer concepts as Mr Koh will link all the relevant concepts together to revise with us. Although Mr Koh’s lessons are now online, it does not compromise our learning at all but in fact makes our learning more convenient and effective! We can ask questions freely in the zoom chat and Mr Koh will be able gauge the lesson pace better as he can pause at appropriate times to answer our questions or to go through a certain concept again. Hence, with the ZOOM lessons, the lesson flow is a lot smoother and more natural unlike physical lessons whereby asking questions is a bit ‘paiseh’ because you may disturb the lesson pace or interrupt the teacher. Furthermore, mr koh provides more than 1 lesson a week and this honestly helped me a lot in my revision. These lessons helped me gain exposure to the different question types which gave me a better sense of what the different types of questions require me to write. Besides all these mentioned benefits, zoom lessons are also recorded and this means that we can watch the videos again if we missed out any information during class or if we want to watch it again to revise. I often watch the more important videos (those on the special/common themes) again before exams (at 2x speed) and it really helped me in my revision! All in all, my friends and I are very thankful that we chose to joined Mr Koh’s tuition class in JC2. For me, mr koh’s lessons really suited my learning style and mr koh’s patience really made me interested in learning economics and also made me feel comfortable learning at my own pace. This has greatly boosted my confidence and drive to learn economics 🙂
Xinyi (NJC) - A in Econs
It is not easy to get an A for Econs. The subject is difficult, and my school teachers often do not give us adequate and precise guidance. I realised I needed help in Economics, and I attended one of Mr Koh’s trial lessons. Almost immediately, I could see the vast difference between school teaching and Mr Koh’s lessons. I signed up, and within a few months, Economics became one of my strong suits. One of the perks of being his student is that you can ask him questions anytime. He is literally a walking encyclopaedia for A level Economics, one which I have referred to innumerable times. Mr Koh understands the needs of the A level student. He knows we need a clear light to illuminate our pathway to getting an A, and successfully provides one through his clear-cut essay frameworks and answering techniques. His acronyms also prove useful in memorizing content and frameworks. Undoubtedly, Mr Koh is a great teacher. He is able to deliver the important information while not compromising on details, all within a very short time as compared to the school curriculum (so much so that I did not even need to listen to lectures!). He seasons his lessons with interesting analogies and humour to keep us engaged. There is a certain charisma to the way he speaks and teaches, which captivates students and increases their focus. Recently, he has gone virtual with lessons due to the health crisis. I still think his lessons are effective, with the assumption that you are a self-motivated student. Finally, Mr Koh is more than a teacher, he is a mentor as well. Personally, he is someone who I would seek for advice, even for issues not pertaining to Economics. He is down-to-earth with his students and shows genuine interest in our lives, as long as we are willing to share with him.
Keefe (RI) - A in Econs
One of the best decisions I made in JC was to join Mr Koh’s econs tuition. His teaching pedagogy is very effective. He creates easy-to-remember acronyms and frameworks for different Question types and teaches us how to identify the question types and how to apply the various frameworks. To many, and understandably so, Econs may seem more like an art subject with an elusive structure, hence I find that Mr Koh’s method of teaching is very strategic and empowers me to learn Econs as efficiently as possible –– like shining light into a tunnel:) The thing that I truly appreciate about Mr Koh is how patient and kind he is to each and every one of his students, that more than a tutor, he is a friend to us. When I find myself struggling over a concept that was taught before multiple times, or things that were mentioned before, he would still be so encouraging and prompt in replying to me. I have tried out another econs tuition before, but I was scared to ask the tutor questions, so i felt i could not benefit from it as much. Hence, having Mr Koh as my tutor was a true blessing. I have attended both physical and online classes with Mr Koh, and to be honest, I have found the online zoom lessons to be more helpful in my learning. On zoom, I felt I had greater liberty to ask any questions on my mind and could participate more in classes also, which helped to reinforce the concepts, and correct any misconceptions I may have had. Since zoom has a private message function, I felt that i could ask him questions without feeling embarrassed. Furthermore, I am able to rewatch many of the recordings of the lessons to simply refresh my memory or reinforce certain concepts. In all, I am very grateful to have found this Econs tuition and I highly recommend it to all students taking H2 econs in JC:)
Faith (HCI) - A in Econs
I started online lessons close towards the second half of my J2 year and immediately found classes extremely helpful with Mr Koh immediately sending previous lesson videos on topics I had most trouble in. With lessons being online, my learning for each week was not confined to the lesson agenda for the week as I could easily request videos about other topics or answering techniques previously discussed. With lessons being recorded, it made learning much more efficient as I could rewatch the lesson on my own time when I am less tired and more focused, and change the speed of the video to my liking. Completely following all of Mr Koh’s advice and consistently following up after every lesson was what pushed my E in H2 Economics in prelims to an A.
Natashmin (RI) - A in Econs
Hi Mr Koh! Thank you so much for still accepting me as a student just over a month before As. Even though it was a very last-minute, risky decision, I’m so glad I decided to stop being complacent and seek the help that I needed for Econs. It was tough, but I tried my best to follow your frameworks, re-aligning my thinking processes and memorising your acronyms. I think your methods really work if they were able to miraculously pull me from a D in prelims to an A in A levels 😂 What I liked most, however, was not the splendid results you enabled me to achieve, but rather the confidence you instilled in me. I wasn’t expecting much for Econs even all the way till the end, but I was very comforted. You made sure we all knew that you believed in us, and that whatever the results may be, you would still be proud of us. You genuinely want the best for us students, even hosting financial literacy sessions out of your own time and crafting heartfelt messages to cheer us on. That is what I possibly appreciate the most about you! Pedagogy-wise, your acronym system saved me a lot of time, helping me group questions into manageable types. The 3-hour CSQ and Essay crash courses, where you covered a wide range of past-year questions, helped in giving me lots of practice. Your heavy emphasis on evaluation made me realise it is an underrated aspect which teachers may often neglect. Plus, you were easily contactable at all times, so asking questions was a breeze 😊 In terms of the lesson structure, I appreciate your live online lessons so much (they’re convenient, engaging, and comfortable). Your YouTube videos also greatly help students who joined at any time to catch up with whatever they’ve missed out on. I regularly viewed your recorded videos from previous lessons to keep in touch with Econs, allowing me to review and recall what I’ve learnt. The resource I used the most was the handbook (it was clear and illustrative even for a new student like me).
Li Xin (HCI) - A in Econs
I joined Mr Koh’s class a little before my block tests as my Econs was weak and there was just a few months left until the actual A-Level exams. Mr Koh carefully prepares materials for class and the lessons are very well thought out. He is also extremely engaging and delivers the lessons in an easily digestible way to make the learning easier and more fun. Mr Koh also provides personalised feedback based on our work to help us improve the next time round. I personally liked the frameworks that he taught us as it allowed for my work to be more structured and helped me to generate more evaluation and content for the papers. At the time when I joined, the classes were all conducted online and I was very impressed by the quality of his classes. Online classes were conducted very smoothly and it allowed me to save on the travelling time. I enjoyed the classes as we could ask questions easily without feeling so scared or shy and it facilitated my learning greatly. Under the careful guidance of Mr Koh, I managed to improve steadily from a C at block test to a B at prelims and eventually an A at the A-Levels. Thank you Mr Koh! Mr Koh is a dedicated tutor who is very encouraging and approachable as well. I would definitely recommend anyone who needs help for Econs to join his classes! 🙂
Andrea (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh focuses on teaching methods more than content, which I think is very important. His answering techniques and structures are very useful, and his logic of answering questions is very good. Mr Koh's classes really enlightened me in studying econs. After listening to Mr Koh's classes, I felt that I understood econs better, and I was more confident in answering questions in exams, and my essays and CSQs became more logical, and my results improved a lot.<br />
Yilin (NYJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is an excellent teacher who managed to remove much of the haze of confusion typically associated with econs. He helped me genuinely understand the concepts involved and plot out how to efficiently master the concepts. Without his guidance, econs would have been a much harder subject to stomach, and he helped me grow to appreciate and deal with the functions and intricacies of economics. He was also very open and responsive, frequently answering in depth questions about advanced concepts in a way that made them approachable. I am grateful to Mr Koh for guiding me all the way through 2 years of econs.
Jedrick (HCI) - A in Econs
i only joined the online tuition classes half way into j2 and at this point I was still getting Es for econs. I found the lessons very useful as mr Koh would not only do topical revisions but also run through tys and past year paper questions with us. He also made it easier to remember important concepts by creating acronyms to help us remember. Mr Koh was also really helpful in answering any questions I had and I really feel that all this helped me improve so much that I managed to receive an A for econs during the alevels 🙂
Janelle (SAJC) - A in Econs
Before joining Mr Koh’s lessons, i found economics boring and was barely passing economics in school, having difficulty applying the content that was being taught in school to exams. However, through Mr Koh’s efforts i managed to improve significantly. Mr Koh often simplifies economic contents with relatable analogies making it easy to understand and jumps straight to teaching us application skills to help us do well in exam. He provides us with topical frameworks to help us deal with common essay questions and a general framework to help us cope with unique questions, along with acronyms that are easy to remember. Yet, what motivated me to attend Mr Koh’s lesson every week was his genuine passion to help each and every one of us improve. He is very approachable and will never hesitate to clarify our doubt instantly at any time of the day. After shifting to online lessons, he allowed us to attend J1 classes to recap our J1 content and even provided double the lessons weekly nearer to A Levels without charging extra fees so that we were able to get more revision. Fearing that online lessons may affect our learning, he took the effort to open up consultation lessons for us to ask questions or review our work before giving us individualised comments and areas to work on. During Mr Koh’s classes i learnt much more than economics as i had also gained invaluable life lessons from the personal stories he shares with us occasionally as well as financial literacy skills that will better prepare me for the future.
Jian Hao (NJC) - A in Econs
I would like to thank Mr Koh for being a dedicated teacher, not only was he passionate about economics, he was also one that cared sincerely for his students. I will send him my questions or essay plans and Mr Koh would always reply me promptly and he always was very patient in explaining concepts till I understood it. Mr Koh occasionally slips in personal anecdotes into his lessons which made lessons more interesting 😊He even went the extra mile by giving us extra lessons every week when exams were nearing. The online lessons were beneficial for me as I could save on travelling time. This gave me more time to focus on other parts of my revision. I could also go through the recorded videos as many times as I needed to which allowed me to internalise difficult concepts more thoroughly. It definitely helped me in revision as I could revisit previous recorded videos again to consolidate my learning. Mr Koh had an effective way of condensing messy school notes into detailed yet concise templates (??) which made economics so much more digestible and enjoyable. His style of teaching helped me to stay focus in lessons as we were constantly writing and listening at the same time. More importantly though, he always emphasised to us how good grades are not the be all and end all and that there are more important things to life. These helped me put things into perspectives and were no doubt comforting words to hear amidst the stressful a level period.
Clare (HCI) - A in Econs
Like many students, Economics was my most hated subject, and one I put off the most. So even when I started classes with Mr Koh, I was initially stubborn and reluctant to change my approach to the subject. Yet, he never gave up on me and kept encouraging me to stick to the structures we’ve learnt in class all throughout the COVID period. Only when I consistently scored D throughout J2 did I realise I had to change my method of memorising and use these approches, and once I did, I instantly saw an improvement in my confidence with the subject. Had I adopted these approches earlier, my familiarity and confidence with the subject would have been honed earlier. Nonetheless, sticking to these structure ultimately paid off, and I would like to sincerely thank Mr Koh for making economic so much more bearable and at times even fun. His dedication and passion for the subject is truly inspirational, with the extra hours he pours in for classes and additional consultations he willingly provides, all of which are testaments of his determination to ensure that his students put in their best regardless of the results.
Jasmine (NJC) - A in Econs
Following my poor results in J1 Block test, I enrolled in Mr Koh’s lessons to help me get back on my feet. Econs was never my strong suit, but Mr Koh helped me to adopt a positive mindset in tackling econs. His structured pedagogies and his patient coaching eventually brought me up from an S in J1 Blocks, to a B in Prelims and eventually, an A in the A Levels. Without his guidance, I am confident that such stellar results would not have been achieved. Moreover, his genuine passion for econs really rubs off on all of his students, and now, I have become much more confident in my understanding of economic theories thanks to his lessons. I am also very grateful for all the times he helped me to mark and comment on all the practice papers I submitted, as well as for all the times he helped me clarify my doubts leading up to the A Levels. Thank you so much for your tireless work Mr Koh!!
Kaelan (HCI) - A in Econs
Throughtout jc, I struggled alot with econs & finally decided to seek help after scoring badly for my j2 midyears. Initially I was worried as it was my first time attending an online tuition but Mr Koh's lessons were extremely effective and engaging, and online lessons were useful for me as I could replay lesson recordings to reinforce concepts. Mr Koh's lessons helped me understand how to tackle exam questions & his frameworks helped me prepare for exams more efficiently. After attending lessons, I managed to improve from a S to B from mid years to prelims and evantually an A for A levels! Thank you Mr Koh for making econs so much more enjoyable and manageable (:
Audryn (NYJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is an inspiring and reliable Economics tutor. He teaches in a clear and concise manner and would always point out helpful notes that we would help us excel. He does not hesitate to clarify any doubts that any of us has and always explains to ensure that everyone understands before moving on. I joined lessons late, about 5 months before the A level examinations, when lessons were conducted online. Back then, I had difficulties grasping what was taught in school and felt confused. However, when I attended lessons, the economics content became clearer when Mr Koh taught with guiding acronyms and I started grasping what was needed to excel in the examinations. Online lessons were advantageous as I was able to listen to the recordings again at my own pace, taking notes of important notes I might have missed out before. Thanks to Mr Koh’s lessons, my economics grade jumped from a C for MYE to an A for A levels.
Timothy (NJC) - A in Econs
I first joined mr Koh’s tuition classes because I was unable to understand econs that was taught in school. I was also having a difficult time as I did not enjoy learning econs. Mr Koh not only made learning econs much easier with his acronyms and essay structures, he also made it more enjoyable for me. He had a very clear and concise method of teaching econs which is very helpful for students who are about to take on the a level examinations. He also always provides us with the best materials from guidebooks to model essays. Mr Koh has never failed to answer any of our questions and doubts promptly despite handling large classes, making great effort to ensure that we all internalise every single concept. I am very grateful for mr Koh’s guidance and support. Thanks to his lessons, my economics grades jumped from E in J1 to an A in the a level examinations.
Mu Rong (NJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh has been of great help towards developing my interest and understanding towards economics. He always finds ways to make his lessons engaging and simple to understand, building my confidence for the subject. Mr Koh’s lessons are also exam-driven, providing useful acronyms to make studying economics more palatable and easy to understand. The tips that he provides are extremely useful for examinations, giving me an edge over my peers when it comes to scoring well. Even during Covid-19 restrictions when face-to-face lessons could no longer continue, Mr Koh’s online lessons still ensured that my learning was not compromised. His lessons remained engaging and I didn’t feel that I was missing out. Mr Koh always goes the extra mile, providing additional lessons to cover the ten-year series which proved to be extremely useful in preparing me for the A-level examinations. I thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Mr Koh over the past 2 years. His lessons were of immense help in ensuring that I truly understood what I was learning, and also helped me to score well in economics. I would really recommend his lessons to those who are struggling or hoping to get that additional edge over others to achieve their desired grade.
Jarell (HCI) - A in Econs
Before going for Mr Koh’s lessons I was very lost on how to write an Economic’s essay or answer the CSQ. However Mr Koh’s lessons have helped me to structure my answers to achieve the highest marking band as well as allowed me to be really grounded in my Economic fundamentals. Even on online platforms, his lessons are still highly effective and my learning was not affected at all. Mr Koh is also a very patient teacher and is willing to go the extra mile such as providing extra lessons to clarify our doubts.
Tay Mie (NJC) - A in Econs
Hi Mr Koh, thank you so much for teaching me econs the past year, I have never been particularly good at econs because I never really knew how to study for it I just always thought it was all about memorising. Only after coming to your classes did I realise it actually was so so much more than just memory work; you have completely changed my perspective of econs and shown me how to breakdown each topic and question with structure. I couldn’t have gotten my A without your help thank you so much!!
Justin (HCI) - A in Econs
As someone who has joined Mr Koh’s online lessons just months before the A Levels , I can say with utmost confidence and certainty that you will definitely learn and grasp concepts better . I got an E during prelims and a B for A Levels . I changed my study method and shifted away from my school notes and completely relied on Mr Koh’s trustworthy guidebook , watched his youtube videos which are condensed yet concised and replayed his lesson recordings . Attending his lessons onlines were really enjoyable, as he always manages to make the concepts interesting and easier to grasp, with his full fledged dictionary of creative synonyms and structures like abc322, which really made me understand the question requirements and made econs which was once a daunting subject for me , less terrifying and more manageable and fun .What I love the most is how I am able to learn econs effectively on my own at home , as Mr Koh always has concise and specific video resources to aid any misconceptions I have or to learn a new concept.
Valerie (ASRJC) - B in Econs
Excellent Econs Tutor for my son. I approached Melvin for help for my son who was having difficulty understanding Econs theories in class after JC1. Econs was not a natural choice for my son but he had to choose one Humanities subject. Within the short time span to A levels, Melvin was able to guide my son to understand the key Econs theories and more importantly how to apply them to different problem scenarios. Melvin is a highly effective Econs teacher who has developed his own unique structured teaching method that enables his students not only to digest but apply what he teaches in an exam setting. I highly recommend Melvin for his holiday catch up and regular classes. A at A levels. Results speak for itself.
Mr Yeo - Father of Kaelan HCI (A for Econs)
Mr Koh is an extremely patient teacher who goes an extra mile to help his students, and is highly engaging despite only having online lessons, which are personally effective due to the ability to replay lessons.
Jana (HCI) - A in Econs

Acknowledgement from class of 2019

Panicked after getting a D in Economics for prelims, I joined Mr Koh for lessons. His lessons were insightful and engaging, allowing me to rediscover my interest in the subject. The frameworks which he taught really helped me to improve my essay writing skills immensely. I looked forward to weekly lessons with Mr Koh, as he teaches very concisely and I always come out learning something new, be it Econs-related or in non-academic areas. However, what impressed me the most is how much he cares for his students. Not only about our grades, but our wellbeing in general. Despite only being his student for a short while, I not only see him as a tutor, but a mentor as well. Thank you for your guidance, Mr Koh!
Cara (HCI) - A in Econs
Before joining Mr Koh a month before Prelims, I was always struggling with economics. However, Mr Koh's dedication and well-structured lessons made it easy for me to understand economics concepts and learn how to tackle different question types appropriately. It made my learning for economics way easier as I used to think economics require a lot of memorising, but attending Mr Koh's lessons allowed me to link economics concepts easily, and to finally write proper stuff in my prelims, which I saw a huge increase in my percentile for the first time. I am extremely thankful for Mr Koh's passionate teaching which allowed me to achieve an 'A' for economics for my A levels. It was truly a fun time learning under Mr Koh and I wished I joined his classes earlier.
Ang Chun Juay (NYJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh has helped me out greatly in H2 econs. From his frameworks like BCC and his evaluation guide, i could see significant improvement in the body of my essays and in my evaluation skills at the end of the essays. His themes for macro econs, had really helped to build a basic understanding of economic events which came in useful in provide better content and better understanding of certain essay questions and case studys. His small class sizes also made it easier for us to speak up in class and ask questions. He would frequently help to break down tougher questions into a simpler form for us to understand and answer.
Rohan (NJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is a very engaging tutor who is dedicated to ensuring that he imparts his knowledge in the<br /> most concise manner as possible. He simplifies the complex subject of Economics into exam-ready<br /> structures that are highly effective and time saving. After joining his classes in J2, my understanding<br /> of both the content and question requirements has improved greatly through using his approach. He<br /> never fails to provide the additional help needed to students who may have questions and will work<br /> with them to clarify their doubts. He has certainly played a pivotal role in my A levels Economics<br /> journey, despite the short 6 months that I spent in his classes. Thank you Mr Koh!
Gladys Woo (NJC) - A in Econs
I joined Mr Koh's lessons early on in J1, and that was a decision that gave me the advantage I needed to do well for Economics in JC. The excellent teacher that he is, Mr Koh never fails to break down otherwise complex economic concepts into easy to understand portions for us, while keeping the class engaged in the lessons with interesting anecdotes and his cheerful personality. The pointers that he gave on answering questions, such as dissecting the question properly before starting to answer and essay structures, came in especially useful for me, eliminating my problem of not being able to complete the Economics papers in time. Mr Koh also distilled all the content that we were taught into acryonyms, making it much easier to remember the essential ideas under the pressure of an examination. However, what I feel is the best aspect of Mr Koh's teaching is his care for each and every student, making sure that noone falls behind the class. Whenever we had any doubts about the subject, he was always there to answer all of our questions, taking time to make sure that we understood fully. If our grades were not up to our expectations, Mr Koh would point out the places where we tripped up and tell us ways to improve, while encouraging us to do better next time. Without his patience and guidance, I doubt my ability in Economics would be anywhere close to where it is today.
Loh Ming Xuan (HCI) - A in Econs
When I joined the tuition centre after my prelims, I was extremely worried and doubtful of my ability to do well for the A’levels. However, Mr Koh’s lessons provided me with concrete strategies on how to tackle different questions and to ensure that my essays answered all the question requirements. Despite only being a student there for around 2 months, I still managed to learn a lot of useful tricks that enabled me to effectively break down the different types of questions across various topics which eventually helped me to get an A in the A’levels! Moreover, Mr Koh was always friendly and approachable, never hesitating to help clarify my doubts be it over text or after class.
Yeo Su Shan (NYJC) - A in Econs
I have been attending Mr Koh's lessons since the first lesson in J1. Mr Koh made learning Economics a much more enjoyable process for me. His classes are interesting and effective.The notes given are also concise and easy to remember. Whenever I have queries or doubts on schoolwork or lesson materials, he is always available to answer them in an effective and efficient manner. Aside from Economics related stuff, he also helped a lot by giving me life advice. Thank you very much Mr Koh!
Theresa (NJC) - A in Econs
Before joining Mr Koh's tuition class, i had difficulties understanding economic concepts and developing essays. It was due to Mr Koh's lessons that taught me easier ways to grasp economic concepts, allowing me to better understand and draft my essays better. He always makes an effort to clarify doubts with students during and after classes. This eventually allowed me to improve my economics greatly. Thank you Mr Koh! 🙂
Ashley Toh (CJC) - A in Econs
Initially, I was only intending on attending the crash courses conducted in June when I was in J2. However, because of my really positive first lesson experience, I decided to continue and join the weekly tuition sessions as well. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in my Junior College life. His lessons were not just enthralling, it was also insightful and incredibly well put together. I’m impressed with his teaching style and notes- both have helped significantly boost my own confidence in tackling Economics as an exam subject as well as my interest in Economics. My H2 Economics result was a feat I would not have been able to pull off alone. It definitely would not have been possible without his help and advice. For that, I’m grateful and thankful to have met a teacher like him at such a timely point in my life. Thank you Mr Koh 🙂
Faith Tan (VJC) - A in Econs
Before joining Mr Koh’s classes in J2, I always have difficulty understanding economics concepts and was consistently failing econs in J1. Despite my weak foundation in econs, I found Mr Koh’s lessons rather easy and concise for me to follow and understand, which allows me to grasp the concepts and skills quickly. His frameworks also helped me greatly as I learn how to unpack the different questions and it is more effective than just memorising the lecture notes. This enabled me to improve tremendously. Also, Mr Koh is very patient and approachable! He is always willing to clarify our doubts. I am so glad that I joined Mr Koh’s tuition as it definitely help to bring me from an ‘U’ to an ‘A’ grade. Thank you for your guidance, Mr Koh!
Mandy Tan (NYJC) - A in Econs
If I were to use one word to describe Mr Koh, it would be dedicated. Having been his student for the past two years, I am consistently amazed by his commitment towards our learning. His lessons are well structured and do not solely focus on imparting content — something many erroneously believe is the key to success for economics. Instead, his topic specific acronyms were pivotal in consolidating my knowledge and allowed me to stay calm and recall concepts under examination conditions. The case study and essay skills I have learnt gave me assurance in examinations, regardless of how unorthodox the questions may be. Beyond the classroom, Mr Koh has been nothing short of a caring tutor. Whether it is answering questions in his free time or offering life advice, he has truly touched my heart with his unwavering support in this tough A levels journey. I have never imagined that studying economics would be fun, but I am glad that Mr Koh has sparked my interest right from the beginning. Thank you Mr Koh!
Carissa Lee (HCI) - A in Econs
I struggled with H2 Economics throughout JC, and started attending Mr Koh’s class in June of my J2 year. Mr Koh’s approach to tackling economics questions is incisive, and I could easily apply his catchy acronyms and foolproof essay structures to my own work. I found his exam time-management techniques to be particularly useful to myself. Moreover, Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated tutor, as he gives us feedback and answers queries outside of class. With his help, I saw steady improvement in my grades. Thank you Mr Koh for your guidance!
Alexis Sudrajat (HCI) - A in Econs
Melvin distills concepts in economics into efficient, effective, exam-ready structures. He answers every economics question promptly, clearing my doubts in the subject. His tips and lessons helped me to excel at economics and ace at essays. He provides personal consultations for students as well if they need more guidance. Melvin’s support has aided me during the tumultuous and stressful A-level journey. I highly recommend taking his classes!
Sarah Mak (EJC) - A in Econs
I joined Mr Koh’s class in early after J2 Blocks (where I gotten an E). I was panicking as I have never scored a B before, let alone an A. Mr Koh’s teaching style is extremely concise and he taught me how to approach different types of questions. He also introduced many acronyms which helps me to memorise different concept. The acronyms also acted as checklist to ensure that my essay was a balanced one. Mr Koh is also a very dedicated teacher who tries his best to cater to every student’s needs. When I do not understand a particular concept, he would patiently explain to me the concept. He would even goes to the extent of marking extra essay and give valuable feedbacks on where I could further improve my essay. Without his guidance, A would be much more difficult to obtain.
Cheng Bing Xuan (NYJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated and effective tutor. Having walked the path himself, Mr koh is familiar with the complex economic syllabus. He never fails to explain the key concepts thoroughly and ensures that we understand the discipline of economics from its core. Furthermore he is enthusiastic and always happy to answer questions. He also created his own handbook to aid students in their learning. The handbook includes many top tips and tricks that help extract key information from school notes and tackle exam questions. In class, his in depth analysis of exam questions also helps us understand more clearly the demands of the examiner which allows us to tailor our answer to the question. All in all Mr Koh is an exemplary tutor and i thank him for helping me in my study of economics.
Keynes Tay (RI) - A in Econs
I started attending Mr Koh’s classes in J2 after barely scrapping a pass for March CT. I was very disappointed, but he reassured me that he would help me to master the right techniques and strategies, and helped me regain my confidence in Econs again. His lessons are very well-structured and I always found myself learning something new during class every week. The acronyms and essay structures Mr Koh has taught us are really useful in helping me to remember key content without having to memorise chunks of notes blindly and writing endlessly during exams. He also taught us how to dissect questions properly and approach unorthodox questions, which came in very handy in the A levels. Mr Koh is extremely dedicated and approachable - he is always willing to look through any additional essays and case studies that I submit and in fact encourages us to do so, and he also answers any questions we have outside of class. Above all, he is a humble mentor that constantly showers us with encouragement and reminding us that we are more than our grades. I am really grateful to have found Mr Koh and for all his guidance. Without him, I definitely would not have been able to achieve an A for Econs. Thank you so much Mr Koh!
Rachel Chew (RI) - A in Econs
Having done less than satisfactorily for my J1 Promotional Exams, I was looking for someone that could distill what seemed like a cluttered syllabus into something more organised that everyone can grasp. And Mr Koh did just that. I joined at the start of J2 upon the recommendation of one of my school mates, and despite being taught at a different pace, in a different way and with different marking standards than my other peers, Mr Koh's one-size-fits-all formula to the basic requirements for each essay, as well as more specific techniques to answering every single essay type, catered to every single student and helped me steadily improve throughout my second year in JC. In the exam setting, Mr Koh understands very well that students often do not have time to recall the lengthy explanations from school lecture notes. That is why his catchy acronyms for every single essay type are easy to remember and came instantly to my mind every time I saw a new essay question. Despite only joining his classes in the second year, Mr Koh's crash courses during holidays were straightforward, thorough, yet easy to understand, helping me catch up quickly as well. Mr Koh is a teacher truly passionate about his craft in teaching the subject of Economics through distilled concepts and easy to understand formulas. At the same time, Mr Koh takes the effort to know each and every one of his students personally, taking the time to mark our essays as and when we submit it to him, arrange consults with us and even talk to us about our future goals after the A levels.
Gabriel Yap (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is different from an average teacher. He spends great effort in taking good care of his students and ensuring that each and every individual receives the help they need for Economics. He is never tired of answering every question thrown at him even outside of class time, and his lectures are informative yet engaging. I am grateful to be taught by a tutor that gives each student his utmost attention and care.
Albert Ong (HCI) - A in Econs
Before I joined Mr Koh's class in July in my J2 year, I was consistently getting Ds for H2 Economics. Mr Koh's clear-cut explanations for confusing and difficult economics concepts cleared many of my doubts and made H2 Economics much easier to understand. This helped me be more assured when answering essay and case study questions. Mr Koh also uses memorable acronyms which make remembering the contents to tackle the various types of essays a breeze. Moreover, Mr Koh is very encouraging and approachable. These help to create a conducive environment for learning. His insightful explanations also help deepen my appreciation towards Economics. Under his guidance and teaching, I was more confident in approaching questions and my Econs result greatly improved from D to A. I highly recommend signing up for Mr Koh's classes!
Chng Yu Yang (HCI) - A in Econs
When I joined Mr Koh's class quite late into J2 with pretty disastrous grades, I was really only hoping to pass econs in the end for the exams. However Mr Koh always encourage me to aim higher and do better. He never hesitated to help me when I had to catch up with many of the economic concepts that I did not understand properly. Even late in the night when he would always answers my queries which I am really thankful for. The teaching method is really effective in letting us understand the chapters properly instead of just blindly memorising. Mr Koh would also sometime share with us small tips in life that are really interesting and helpful honestly. I eventually somehow got an A and I would definitely say that without Mr Koh's help it would have not been possible!
Yun Chao (HCI) - A in Econs
Economics tuition with Mr Koh is something I definitely do not regret taking up. If anything, I regret not having joined earlier, to gain a better foundation and understanding of the content and various answering techniques. Mr Koh’s teaching method ensures that students understand the crux of every topic and are well-versed in applying essential answering techniques to tackle common question types. This translates into our ability to make the most of our time during an exam, producing concise answers that fulfill the marking requirements. Furthermore, his various acronyms also allow us to easily remember and thus apply the various answering templates during exams. Before attending tuition, Economics was a very convoluted subject to me – the questions were difficult to dissect and even harder to answer. However, Mr Koh’s lessons and effective answering techniques were elucidating. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr Koh: without tuition, I definitely would not have been able to gain confidence in this subject, let alone achieve an A for Economics in my A’Levels. Thank you so much for all of your help Mr Koh!
Yu Jun (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh’s lessons allowed me to see econs in a much more simplistic manner with his parachute concepts even though econs was originally a very complex subject for me. Even though I joined his classes very near A levels, his lessons allowed me to improve tremendously, allowing me to achieve my ideal results at A levels.
Samantha Wong (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Melvin Koh is an exceptionally qualified, passionate and intelligent teacher, and I wouldn’t ask for anything more from an Economics tutor. I will be the first to admit that I was initially apprehensive because there are a multitude of tutors out there with inflated accolades and not much to actually back them up. However, after enrolling into his classes, I felt completely enlightened as we got to understand the essential concepts behind each and every topic and how to apply them intuitively in the exam setting, thanks to Mr Koh’s incisive and insightful understanding of Economics. I can safely say that I was soon focusing on rereading his handbook and tuition notes to prepare for school lecture tests. Mr Koh also applies his years of experience, and strong personal interest in the industry, in his lessons, helping our study of JC Econs feel much more relevant and dynamic. Most importantly, Mr Koh tirelessly updates his materials and lessons to give us an edge in capturing the zeitgeist of current economic events in our essays – something schoolteachers often hint about. Mr Koh’s guidance has undoubtedly helped me immensely in reducing exam anxiety and achieving consistently good results in Econs throughout JC.
Xiao Wei (RI) - A in Econs
I joined Mr Koh’s lessons really late into JC2 after being dealt a U for economics in my block test 2. Through Mr Koh’s weekly lessons, I was brought up to speed with both the content rigour needed to excel in A level H2 Economics as well as the various methods to dissect and tackle questions. The two books I received from Mr Koh were a great supplement to my school lecture notes and helped me familiarise myself with the various acronyms to remember factors and essay requirements. Mr Koh is a brilliant tutor who was able to clarify all of my doubts, on top of that he goes the extra mile to mark and provide feedback for any extra practice work we submit to him. Mr Koh was always available when we presented him queries over Whatsapp. Thank you Mr Koh for being a great help in my A level journey!
Bryan (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh teaches and emphasizes the importance of using essay structures and answering techniques to tackle questions. This method effectively complements the school’s content taught during lectures, giving me a better idea and direction on how to plan and execute my essay, which cannot be done with just knowledge from lecture books alone. He will consistently drill the concepts into our mind and emphasize its importance. Mr Koh is also extremely approachable and tries his best to make his lessons interesting. All in all, Mr Koh played a huge role in making econs a more enjoyable subject and helping me achieve my A!
Thia Jing Ying (HCI) - A in Econs

Acknowledgement from class of 2018

The best way to sum up Mr Koh as a teacher is that he is a teacher that teaches not only the mind, but the heart as well. Apart from his easy-to-follow structures and detailed teaching that allow his students to excel, he always makes sure to encourage his students! During prelims, my economics grade was a D, which ruined my confidence and left me petrified for the A Levels. However, Mr Koh not only went through my script with me in detail and marked the essays I rewrote, he made it a point to rebuild my confidence by telling me that he believed in me and the potential that I had to do much better. Mr Koh is a teacher that believes in a student more than he/she does in him/herself, and his belief in me allowed me to overcome my setback and to ultimately achieve an A for economics in the A Levels!<br />
Quek Hui Ying (RI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is a dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to help his students excel. He is passionate, engaging and very experienced. His lessons are structured and organised.</p> <p>Before joining Mr Koh’s classes, my approach to studying Economics was to memorize lecture notes word for word and to practise as many case studies and essay questions as possible. However, after attending his lessons, I realized that it is not about the quantity of essays completed, but the quality of each essay written. We cannot be practising blindly.</p> <p>Mr Koh’s parachute concepts have been very effective in distilling the rigorous Economics syllabus. He focuses on what is important in the lecture notes and has useful acronyms to help us remember the content. Additionally, he teaches us how to analyze and dissect questions so that we fulfill the question requirements without missing out on important points. His essay frameworks help us to apply the content that we have learnt. These proved to be extremely helpful for me, especially during the A Levels.</p> <p>Outside of class, Mr Koh is an approachable mentor who is always there to help. He is willing to answer any queries we have and look through our essays. He is not hesitant to share his life experiences and give us valuable advice. I definitely could not have achieved these results without his teachings. Thank you Mr Koh for guiding me throughout this journey!
Venice Ong (RI) - A in Econs
I joined Mr Koh’s class in the middle of J1 after attending one of his trial lessons and realizing how effective his teaching style is. I was feeling very dejected after scoring badly for my first CT but he managed to give me assurance and helped me figure out that memorizing lecture notes weren’t enough -the differentiating factor would be how we apply the content, as he would go on to help us master. I relied heavily on his notes whenever I was revising for exams as I was able to sort the chunky lecture notes into categories and understand what content should be applied when, and how to score evaluation marks easily. In the A Level exam, many questions caught us off guard as they were unfamiliar. Yet, I remembered what Mr Koh said about always falling back on his acronyms when in doubt, and true enough, I managed to get an A!</p> <p>I believe a good teacher makes you want to learn and is willing to go above and beyond to show you as long as you are willing to learn, he is there to help. Mr Koh always assured us we could submit any work we wanted him to mark, we could see him outside of class if we were still unsure or we could always text him any questions we had. He is one of the nicest teachers I’ve had, one that I could treat as a friend and role model, and was a huge source of motivation for me to ace my Econs. He completely changed the way I studied and wrote for Econs and I cannot thank him enough for his help.
Precia Lian (RI) - A in Econs
Before I went for Mr Koh's classes in March 2018, I had scraped a D for my overall year in J1 and got an E in my J2 CT1. The school notes were wall of texts too complicated for me to understand, while lectures were so rushed that I absorbed next to nothing from them. While other students received their As and Bs, I struggled with Economics despite memorising what I believed were the exact answers for essays. The worst part was that I believed I had answered the questions when I hadn't! After my brother's friend introduced me to ThatEconsTutor, I signed up for the classes. Mr Koh's well-planned and well-paced lessons, combined with his knowledge on the subject gave me a new viewpoint on H2 Economics. I was particularly blown away by his knowledge on current real world events and their application in the syllabus. Furthermore, his humor kept the lessons interesting and enjoyable. There wasn't a lesson where I felt I had learnt nothing, nor was there one I felt was boring. With his aid, and his two easy-to-understand guidebooks, I finally improved to a C in CT2s, culminating in an A for H2 Economics for my A'Levels. I'd recommend anyone who wishes to do well for Economics to sign up for Mr Koh's classes! 😀
Lucas Chew (VJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is a wonderful and dedicated teacher who puts in immense amount of effort to tutoring economics. He is able to lift my interest for Economics from hating the subject to loving the subject. Mr Koh uses a different approach in teaching compared to other tutors which instills us with different methodologies, allowing us to understand even more. Besides that, he also uses real life stories from past experiences to enhance our understanding for Economics. I highly recommend Mr Koh as an Economics tutor !
Jaren Ng (CJC) - A in Econs
Despite only having joined Mr Koh's classes after the J2 MYAs (where I had scored a C), I was able to learn helpful acronyms that acted as a checklist in what needed to be included in essays, as well as the structure that my essays should be in. Mr Koh's frameworks allowed me to have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant application skills needed to approach various questions. Aside from his effective teaching methods, Mr Koh is dedicated in helping his students even outside of the classroom. He patiently explained concepts and replied to queries that I had via WhatsApp and would mark the extra essays & CSQs that I gave to him, as well as gave feedback to help me study smarter. Without Mr Koh, an A in Economics would have been much more difficult to obtain. Thank you for your guidance, Mr Koh!
Tan May Yi (TJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is an inspiring teacher. He is always energetic during lessons with his occasional jokes creating a relaxing and conducive studying environment. He is experienced in teaching A-Level Economics. His lessons are well-organized and teaching contents are very systematic, carefully arranging all the complex Economics knowledge into themes and topics, which greatly aid in my learning process. Mr Koh is highly responsible as well. Beyond tutorials, I often seek consultations both online and offline with him and he was always very responsive and patient in solving my inquiries. There is hardly any barrier between him and his students; to me, he is more a valued friend in my life than a teacher.<br />
Tian Xiao (NJC) - A in Econs
All along I was getting S & Ds for my internal exam. I felt so frustrated that even though I paid attention in class, I blanked out in tests. But this whole time I was stubbornly memorizing the notes, merely highlighting Mr Koh’s handbook and always too lazy/skeptical about the effectiveness of writing “random” essay questions. Towards the very end of J2, I finally decided to conscientiously take note of Mr Koh’s suggested weekly homework. Mr Koh always gave me detailed feedback for the essays he marked, speedily the questions I WhatsApped him and encouraged discussions in lessons so I was never “paiseh” to ask. By practicing under guidance and with reference to his awesome guidebook, I managed to score A at A levels to my surprise. In addition to being a great teacher, Mr Koh was very nurturing to my friends and I. He would impart his life wisdom and constantly reaffirmed us. I would recommend this econs tuition to any worried econs students out there!<br />
Shania Sukamto (EJC) - A in Econs
Before I was attending Mr Koh’s lesson, I was always bad at Economics and I barely scraped an E for<br /> my March Common Test. Economics is a very extensive subject with most of its topics inter-linked.<br /> The failure to understand certain key concepts can cause your understanding for the subject to<br /> snowball and this results in a disaster. This was happening to me every time I tried to learn<br /> economics. Fortunately, I chanced upon Mr Koh’s Classes. His approach of teaching was very clear,<br /> simple and concise. Mr Koh make used of the Parachute Concept Approach which I found very useful<br /> and effective towards my understanding for Economics. This approach allows us to learn the<br /> concepts very quickly and let us seize out main points and ideas immediately compared to the long-<br /> winded notes that the school usually provides students with. This results in more time for me to<br /> practise and apply concepts onto all kind of questions. This results in greater exposure and builds up<br /> my confidence.. Mr Koh is also very smart in the way he teaches as he knows what the examiners<br /> are looking out for and he will give students acronyms to remember and hence using the acronyms<br /> to answer all the key ideas in a question. Finally, I improved to A in A levels and Mr Koh definitely<br /> had played a big part. I would recommend anyone to sign up for Mr Koh’s Classes and I guarantee<br /> your Economic grade will be in good hands.
Lee Waichong (TJC) - A in Econs
Before I enrolled into Mr Koh’s classes, I had difficulty grasping economics concepts and never got better than a D grade for the subject. I barely understood what I had learnt in J1 and struggled to keep up during lectures in school as I was weaker in Economics, leading to me almost switching H2 Economics to H1. After a year of disliking the subject, I joined ThatEconsTutor at the start of JC2, after scanning through the website and reading the testimonials. It took me only one lesson to realise how true the testimonials were. Mr Koh’s lessons were well-planned and structured. With the various structures, frameworks, parachute concepts and examination skills taught by Mr Koh, I was able to understand Economics much better and could apply what I had learnt in his lesson into my school practices and examinations, seeing my Economic grade improve to a B grade for CT2 and prelims. Mr Koh’s teaching style and sense of humour also made lessons more engaging and interesting. The guidebooks written by him were also comprehensive and effective in helping me grasp economics concepts. Mr Koh’s lessons not only played an integral role in my good results for H2 Economics in the ‘A’ Level examinations, but also greatly increased my interest in Economics.
Joshua Tan (VJC) - A in Econs
Mr Melvin Koh's accolades and years of experience should already have you rest assured that he is an exceptionally qualified Economics tutor. However, I would like to add that not only does he make the subject easier to understand, he also makes learning much more fun and relevant. I recall floundering in Economics in my first year of junior college -- those were dark days. I was consistently down-and-out and at rock-bottom. I was put off by the dry and often ponderous lectures and even more disheartened by my dismal test scores. Just when all hope seemed lost, I found Mr Koh. I definitely found myself enjoying Economics more and more, after attending his lessons; with his patient teaching and encouragement, coupled with some hard work, I started to ``see the light``, everything came together and I eventually attained an A for Economics at the A-Levels. I think it is very rare to encounter a top-notch tutor as humble, approachable, and passionate as Mr Koh. I consider myself most fortunate to have been one of his many students!
Ryan Wee (EJC) - A in Econs
Econs was always the subject that I thought I will never do well in at A levels as I was barely scraping through it throughout J1. Through a friend's recommendation, I signed up for Mr Koh's class after receiving a 'U' during the J2 Common Test and I certainly was not disappointed. As his lessons are clear and concise, I was able to better grasp the important economic concepts, regardless of how foreign they may seem at first. Furthermore, knowing the requirements to different question types allowed me to write more succinct answers rather than blindly grasping at straws during exams. Mr Koh is also a dedicated and passionate teacher who is always willing to accept any essays or test scripts, providing us with detailed feedback on how we can improve further, as well as giving us encouragement when we didn't do so well. He even offered us free consultation during the A levels period so that we can clarify any last minute queries that we had, even though he didn't have to do so. All in all, I'm really grateful to Mr Koh for allowing me to do well for Econs at A levels, and to anyone who is taking Econs in JC, I highly recommend signing up for his classes!
Angelica (EJC) - A in Econs
Mr. Koh is a passionate teacher who always puts his students first. He sieved out relevant information and condensed the entire syllabus into a small guide book, and thus made it much more efficient to study the subject. His teaching methodology has reshaped the way his students learn economics too, and now we learn in a much more effective manner. He refreshes his materials constantly according to current affairs and Cambridge requirements, thus making it a point to ensure that his students are given a cutting edge when it comes to exams. Mr. Koh is very patient and caring too and will not hesitate to stay back to answer students’ questions or to mark our essays. Closer to exams, he welcomes consultation with his students and replies to his students’ urgent questions readily as well. Besides focusing on his students’ academic achievements, Mr. Koh is always on a look out for his students too. He is kind and nurturing, and never fails to encourage us when we are stressed by exams or provide us with valuable life lessons. He is humorous too and has made a tough subject fun to learn in his classes. Under Mr. Koh’s guidance, I have managed to achieve stellar results in economics, and an A in my recently concluded ‘A’ Level examination. I am very grateful for the fun and enriching times that my classmates and I had with Mr. Koh!
Phoong Zhia Wen (HCI) - A in Econs
Since joining Mr Koh’s classes in J1, I have never felt stumped or stuck when answering Econs questions. Through the repeated emphasis of his parachute concepts, I was able to answer questions with precision and ease. I didn’t have to memorise lecture notes word for word anymore (it was really ineffective)! His notes are incredibly easy to understand and apply during exams. He’s super friendly and truly cares about his students. He will answer any questions you have and give in-depth feedback on your essays. Mr Koh made Econs interesting and I really enjoyed my time at TET!
Andrea (EJC) - A in Econs
After my JC1 year, I decided to join an econs tuition because I was struggling to pass promos. Under a friend's recommendation, I decided to go for a trial lesson at the ThatEcons Tutor and was pleasantly surprised during the first lesson at the way Mr Koh managed to distill the economic content into mindmaps and parachute concepts that made the subject so much more lively and interesting! Mr koh was also very patient in explaining and answering all my questions and he taught me what to look out for in econs exams e.g key words and different approaches to answering case study questions, which were really important in helping me to do well in A-levels. He was also very willing to mark extra essays that I attempted and would give me comments which helped me to understand and spot any mistakes in my economics concepts. With his lessons, I no longer see Econs as a dull and content-heavy subject, but rather as a subject that is manageable and fun. Thank you Mr koh for all your words of encouragement and for helping me to make such significant progress!!
Rou Ying (NJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh have been an extremely encouraging and dedicated tutor throughout my entire journey with him. His lessons are always interactive, ensuring that I am on track and following his lesson well. He emphasizes important points and taught me not just the content I need to know for the exam but also a productive way to study for Economics in JC. He referred to the resources he provided regularly so that I could learn how to make use of the various resources to my greatest advantage. He consistently reminded me that personal effort is also salient and was very responsive to my questions over text even when I was just self studying. His dedication inspired me to work even harder and be better prepared for the examination. Bringing me up from a U in my mid-year examinations, I managed to score an A for my A Level Examination, with the personal effort he emphasized and the support he has given me.
Chng Min Ru (EJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh's approach in distilling the syllabus into a series of concise parachute concepts makes the content more accessible to those who are grappling with social science subjects like economics for the first time. These concepts, frequently alluded to in his guidebooks, ten-year series, classes and consultations, are digestible enough such that they are amenable to analytical approaches. In particular, his emphasis on evaluative strategies endows students with a comparative advantage in that they can be confident of securing a certain proportion of marks even before writing the content body paragraphs.</p> <p>His various methodologies and essay frameworks are useful in that they endow students with lenses with which they can view questions from a different perspective. Students are thus in good stead to swiftly and accurately dissect questions, ensuring that their responses are on-point, in every sense of the word.</p> <p>Mr Koh is a engaging teacher who never fails to deliver. His willingness to answer questions during, after and outside of class (over WhatsApp) attests to how students can receive the guidance and attention required for them to develop interest in the subject. Quick on the uptake, his cheerful and amicable demeanour makes him approachable to students, and by extension, makes Economics more approachable as well.
Benjamin (RI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh’s teaching makes a world of difference to the results and attitude of all students, from those who have been failing the subject constantly, to those who are stuck in the middle band. Mr Koh’s system of teaching that combines the use of acronyms and methods to tackle essay question makes understanding challenging economic concepts manageable. Students are also able to pick up useful exam skills and tips which can help to boost marks from a B to an A or help those who are struggling to pass. Through his teaching, I was able to understand the basic concepts that I struggled with in school. Without his lessons, I would not be able to keep up with lessons in school. Most importantly, Mr Koh ignites a passion and interest in students for Economics. For instance, Mr Koh was able to change my attitude towards Economics from being disinterested and desperate to become passionate and confident. Ultimately, I was able to bag an A for H2 Economics during my A levels, despite almost losing all hope for that subject in J1. Therefore, if you are a student who has been failing consistently or a student who has been scoring Bs and Cs, you should take up Mr Koh’s lessons.
Georgia Yew (EJC) - A in Econs
I remember vividly the conversation I had with Mr Koh before my first lesson. During that time, I was almost sure that I would be dropping the subject soon, having failed to understand a single lecture and received ungraded assignments (I guess they were way too substandard…). He gave me hope that I will grow to love the subject, and that he can package the knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. And he succeeded. Using acronyms and parachute concepts, I was able to grasp the concepts with ease, dissect questions and come up with answer structures comprising of key points quickly. His lessons, guide books, essay-writing website and youtube videos allowed me to improve greatly in this subject, and played a vital role in helping me achieve excellent grades in every school examination (placed 82nd, 95th and 92nd percentile for CT in J1, CT1 in J2 and CT2 in J2 respectively). I am utterly grateful for having found not only a teacher who is there for me constantly, responding to my late night WhatsApp messages and marking my numerous extra essay practices, but also a humble mentor who never fails to motivate us by sharing interesting snippets of his life stories and reminding us that there is more to life than the few letters on the piece of paper. Thank you Mr Koh for making H2 Econs such an enjoyable subject to learn! 🙂
Yizhen (RI) - A in Econs
Economics is a subject few can prepare for coming into JC. The demanding and rigorous content/skills required for the subject leads to many turning to tuition. Mr Koh seperates himself from many other tutors in his approach to teaching the subject. He effectively breaks it down with his own various structures and guidelines that enables an easy understanding and grasping of the fundamental answering techniques. This is key as while content can be “mugged”, the answering format is where most struggle. Above all his genial and approachable personality is what ultimately makes his tuition enjoyable. No lesson was a chore due to his ability to engage us as people more than just students.
Matthias Seah (HCI HP) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is an incredibly passionate and dedicated tutor who is very approachable and always happy to answer questions. His lessons are well structured which allow for a deep understanding into each topic, as well as the most appropriate ways to study for each topic. The methodologies he introduced are very effective and easy to remember, making it simpler for students to grasp and apply. His materials (guidebooks and other notes) are extremely useful and really helped to break down the different question types for each topic and the best way to answer each one. Although econs is a content-heavy subject, Mr Koh provides advice on which areas to focus heavily on, making the subject more manageable. Being a committed and kind tutor, Mr Koh encourages us to arrange extra consultations with him if we need additional help and always help to review our test scripts or practice essays to aid in identifying our areas for improvement. Mr Koh’s lessons are very engaging and has definitely made me grow to like econs. Overall, I am very thankful for Mr Koh’s guidance and I truly believe it helped me to attain an A for econs!
Chloe Tan (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh’s lessons have been extremely helpful in my learning of Economics. Starting off from the basic requirements of each topic to giving us many tips and tricks for tackling many challenging questions, Mr Koh has helped me build up my foundation for this subject. He uses many acronyms for us to easily remember and apply economic concepts that would otherwise be a pain to memorise. A good teacher is not only able to pass down the right knowledge; he is able to pass it down the right way. Mr Koh is proactive in making sure every student keeps up in his lessons, and he will even sacrifice his own time for free consultations during the A Levels period. His kindness and friendliness to his students is what makes him such a wonderful teacher. Once a student who never passed economics, i miraculously scored a distinction for Economics in my A Levels. For that I am extremely grateful to him.
Joel Wong (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh helped to distill the economic concepts such that it was easier to internalise and understand. The lessons coupled with the guidebook really helped to drill in the frameworks which allowed me to answer economics questions effectively.<br />
Perlyn (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is an exceptional Econs tutor who is willing to go the extra mile to help his students to reach their highest potential.With his unique technique and materials , I was able to at least score a B for Econs H2 A levels from a U grade in J1. He helped to change my understanding and attitude towards economics as a subject and helped me to open up my mind and get a better understanding of the subject.
Ervin Ang (MJC) - B in Econs
I am so glad I decided to join TET in J2 because I really believe it helped me achieve an A in the end. Mr Koh teaches the most no-nonsense and exam-smart way. I learned more from him than my econs school teacher, and I especially like the small guidebook and the videos on his app (of which I would watch while I was running at the gym haha). I really recommend this tuition to anyone who is considering; I used to not be a tuition person but you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you actually experience it!
Kelly Ng (PJC) - A in Econs
Before I joined Mr Koh's Econs tuition at the start of J2, I managed to barely pass Econs in J1, but I couldn't see my grades heading in the right direction. However, after joining his class, I felt that his frameworks were extremely useful for different types of essays as it is far more effective than merely memorising lecture notes. On top of that, the tips he provided on how to tackle certain CSQ question types, as well as those on time management and valuing depth over breadth, are extremely useful and enabled me to finish my papers on time. This enabled me to experience a huge jump in my grades in major exams, attaining a B in mid-years and an A in prelims (and of course A Levels too)! Mr Koh is also a very patient and helpful tutor and he is very willing to clarify our doubts in class and see us for consultation; he even marked a few CSQ papers and essays I did for my own practice. He is not just a teacher, he is a great friend and he also gives me advice on other aspects of life too. Thanks so much Mr Koh for helping me to get an A in Econs! I couldn't have done it without you!
Wong Jun Xiang (NYJC) - A in Econs

Acknowledgement from class of 2017

In JC 1, i thought econs was hard not because its concepts were difficult to understand, but because i had no idea how to answer exam questions. Hence, my econs results were always a E in JC 1. Joining Mr Koh’s econs class was definitely a wise decision for me. With the parachute concepts Mr Koh offered, I realized that all econs knowledge was interconnected, with one explaining or leading to another. Upon knowing how to answer exam questions, i no longer saw econs as a difficult subject and even developed greater interests in the subject. Getting an A for econs feels surreal. Thanks to Mr Koh for helping me achieve my goal:)
Shi Wen (NJC) - A in Econs
I throughly enjoyed Mr Koh’s lessons as they were engaging and informative. I especially appreciated Mr Koh’s classes for helping me make sense of the H2 Economic Syllabus through the use of his Parachute Concepts. His Parachute Concepts were able to distil the important parts of the syllabus in a manner which was well-structured and concise. This allowed his students to gain a good grounding in the key examination content. In terms of exam strategies, Mr Koh teaches his students a number of essay structures specific to each topic. These structures train students to answer questions in a direct and succinct manner with a focus on time management. Likewise for CSQs, Mr Koh preaches about the importance of identifying the question requirements before lifting the pen. All in all, I would highly recommend Mr Koh as he is very approachable regarding any queries we may have and helpful. He was essential in securing an A during the A Levels.
Damien Wo (NJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh is an excellent tuition teacher that is able to expound on key concepts in the H2 economics syllabus in a succinct and precise manner through his parachute concepts. While JC economic departments would provide multiple stacks of lecture notes to students, Mr Koh's notebook-sized handbook successfully summarises the entire H2 economics syllabus, which was extremely useful. His classes are also very fruitful and well paced. Queries can be clarified at any point of time during class time and Mr Koh is always more than happy to answer them! With a dynamic and interactive teaching style, and exceptional acronyms and methodologies, I would recommend anyone who is struggling with economics to go for Mr Koh's tuition!
Jose Tan (CJC) - A in Econs
Mr Koh has an interesting take on Economics - he uses parachute concepts and acronyms (many!) to aid us in our memory work and to tackle/unpack even the weirdest or toughest question. It helped me a lot especially the last leg towards A levels. I would recall his acronyms so that there wasn’t a need to memorise chunks of texts. Mr Koh’s TYS answer guidebook was also a great help because it helped me with formulating an answer structure without fear that I would go out of point. Mr Koh is prompt in replying whatsapp texts and also marks any extra assignment that we do. He helped me improve from a grade D in Prelims to an A for A levels. Thank you Mr Koh for all your help!
Natalie Pang (RI) - A in Econs
Mr Melvin Koh is truly a wonderful teacher that gives the spark back to economics. I can’t speak for all JC students, but for myself, econs was THAT subject that required the most effort to master, but frankly<br /> I couldn’t be bothered to invest much into. But with Mr Koh’s teachings, the syllabus becomes very distilled and simple to digest. His focus on exam techniques helped me a lot since all the concepts<br /> become structured and easy to manipulate, even though I only joined his classes in J2. Just one year of lessons made a difference, and for that I owe my final Econs grade to him
Leocho Tun (RI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh’s classes were always engaging and informative! The information given in the form of parachute concepts was concise and enabled me to understand and memorize key points for each topic. From blindly memorizing lecture notes, I learnt to understand key concepts, tackle different types of essay questions and case study questions after Mr Koh’s lessons. What I thought helped me the most was definitely the acronyms for different essay types, as I could craft out an essay systematically step by step, making sure to cover all grounds. From an S grade in Promos, I improved to an A grade in prelims and was the top 5% in the cohort. I eventually got an A in economics in the A levels!
Cheah Xing Yi (HCI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh has really changed my view of Economics! When I first did H1 Economics in J1, I was really bad at it and I remembered scoring 5/25 for a test. It was really horrible and I had no interest in it. My overall grade for it in J1 was an E. However, after joining Mr Koh’s lesson, my impression of Econs really changed! During the very first free trial lesson, I already made up my mind that—Yes! I had to join the class! After the first lesson I invited my friend, Ranice to attend the class and she really enjoyed it as well! Mr Koh condensed difficult concepts from our lengthy notes into concise mindmaps. The essay structures were really helpful as well as they were applicable to almost all of the questions faced. What helped me before the exams were not school notes but Mr Koh’s guide book, youtube videos and mind maps! From scoring an E, Ranice and I both scored extremely well in our midyears in J2 and achieved 5th place and 10th place in our level respectively. We both pressed on and scored an A in our A levels! Thank God that we met Mr Koh who was not only an excellent teacher, but also a really good friend! His cheerful and humorous disposition made him very approachable. Whether it was asking Econs related questions or just advice in life, he was always happy to help! Without his guidance, I would not have survived Econs and most definitely not attain a distinction! He is indeed ThatEconsTutor that I will recommend to anyone who wants an A for Economics! 🙂
Ethan Choo (SAJC) – A in Econs
I started going for Mr Koh’s December crash course in JC1 after barely passing Economics during promos. I initially struggled with writing essays as I was uncertain on how to approach the questions with the correct structure but Mr Koh’s crash course really helped me in approaching them correctly! In JC2, I decided to sign up for his regular classes at the end of term 2 after realising I needed more help in tackling different types of questions. His parachute concepts really helped me to remember the content effectively as it broke down key concepts and taught me how to use various frameworks for different types of essays. In addition to Mr Koh’s excellent teaching pedagogy, he is also an encouraging and selfless teacher who goes the further mile by offering consultations and marking essays we tried writing outside of class after learning the frameworks. He is an approachable teacher who is always online whenever I had any burning questions or doubts I wanted to clear and would reply me quickly. He also takes the effort to get to know his students personally. I am immensely grateful to have met such a passionate teacher who played an instrumental role in improving my Economics and most of all, taught me what life really entails. Thank you so much Mr Koh 🙂
Tammie Koh (SRJC) – B in Econs
I joined Mr Koh's tuition at the end of J1 when I realised that I needed some form of structure in learning and writing Econs. His emphasis on parachute concepts and writing structures have allowed me to condense and consolidate this subject and has allowed me to quickly produce answers that examiners are looking for. His classes have always been engaging and he definitely went out of the way to ensure that all our questions were answered and clarified. He has been a constant source of motivation and has spurred me on to think critically and rationally to tackle challenging questions, and he has never failed to mark the countless of essays I have submitted to him. Thank you Mr Koh!
Bryan Yeo (RI) – A in Econs
My in-depth understanding of economics concepts and improved grades are completely attributed Mr Koh's witty humour, clear-cut explanations and know-hows for answering every single type of question. Despite joining TET merely 3 months before As, my dread for my weakest subject was turned into confidence, which helped me achieve ideal results. I can't thank you enough, Mr Koh!
Linda Zeng (RI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh makes hard economics concepts easy to understand and remember through his innovative parachute concepts and acronyms. His lessons are very structured and easy to follow. He also has<br /> great concern for our learning, opening many slots for us to set up consultation sessions with him. He is a very dedicated teacher, and has taught me a lot about economics in an engaging and effective<br /> way.
Loh Yi Xuan (NJC) – A in Econs
Despite being a student in the center for only a year, the lessons imparted have aided me greatly. The parachute concepts used by Mr Koh simplifies the A level economics syllabus, making it easier for study and consumption, without any major disadvantage in exams, if any at all. The time I have saved by utilizing Mr Koh's parachute concepts and mnemonics instead of reading and memorizing school provided notes provided me more opportunities to focus on other subjects and have more time to relax after a long day.</p> <p>On top of that, he conducts his classes in a concise and informative manner with a logical flow, answering questions that pop up along the way. When teaching content, the flow of the lessons follows his parachute concepts, making it easier to follow. He also makes lessons interesting by adding in personal anecdotes related to economics (though sometimes unrelated - which are still entertaining to hear), making the subject and the class more interesting. The answering techniques he has come up with are effective and easy to remember as well as apply. He also sometimes goes outside of the given syllabus to enhance our understanding of certain concepts. Being very approachable, welcoming of questions and patient, be it during class, after or through whatsapp, his students are able to easily clarify their doubts, and benefit even more outside of the drawn up curriculum he plans for his classes.</p> <p>After a few months in his classes, it becomes obvious that he does not only intend to teach economics, but valuable life skills too. The care for his students is clear, as he listens to them,answers all questions promptly, gives treats at times (going so far as to give ang pows to everyone) to providing his students who have completed the A levels an opportunity to work with him on various projects while giving them pay for their work. Mr Koh tries to make his tutoring more than just the imparting of economics information and more of a mentorship, and succeeds in doing so fairly well. Ultimately, he allows himself to be made use of by his students (for tuition fees naturally) and his wealth of experience and knowledge when tapped on will allow any determined student to excel in economics. I personally feel that if one does not benefit from his classes, it is more the fault of the student rather than the teacher for not putting enough effort into treading the already clearly laid out path created by Mr Koh's parachute concepts, mnemonics and strategies.<br />
Ryan Ho (TJC) – B in Econs
Throughout my 2 years in JC I never quite understood how to do well in an economics exam as a lot of the lectures and tutorials were considerably fast-paced for a subject I was new to. Yet, it was mainly through Mr Koh's approach to the subject was I able to slowly see how one could do well for this strange subject! His lessons revolved around self-crafted concepts that were very well explained and in-depth, in contrast to the stacks of lecture notes provided by the school. Nevertheless, guidance wasn't the only thing Mr Koh gave, words of encouragement and his personal approach to teaching was also a factor that helped me push through during the tough period that is A levels.
Gabriel Siaw (RI) – B in Econs
For the longest time, Economics was always my worst subject. I was constantly scoring U/S, and I never passed a single one of my essays until I started attending Mr Koh’s lessons! His parachute concepts were extremely helpful as they made the topics easier to understand and apply. His method of teaching, whereby he continuously drew links to other topics to allow us to see the whole picture was crucial in CSQs. Going through past year papers and other school questions in class also allowed me to master question analysis and was vital in helping me get over my fear of Economics! In the end, I managed to score a B for Econs, and I know it would not have been possible without Mr Koh. Thank you Mr Koh!
Anu Priya (NJC) – B in Econs
Mr Koh is an extremely effective tutor whose teaching techniques, such as parachute concepts and acronyms, really helped to reinforce important concepts and useful exam strategies that allowed me to tackle my econs exams more efficiently and easily. Thank you Mr Koh!
Enver Loh (RI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh has been a great Econs tutor who helped me gain confidence in the subject and equipped me with various structures to ace my essays. He would promptly reply to my queries and was always willing to give consults to clarify my doubts. A teacher who could lift the stress of exams by gently encouraging me to give my best. He never lost his temper and would patiently explain until I understood. Mr Koh is an earnest tutor who would analyse my scripts to give personally tailored feedback. I fondly recall the times I had during his lessons with his occasional funny side comments to lighten the atmosphere. Thank you Mr Koh for being meticulous and so helpful!!
Danielle Andrews (ACJC) – B in Econs

Acknowledgement from class of 2016

Mr Koh is hands-down one of the nicest and most selfless teachers you’ll ever meet. He is the teacher who will respond to your text messages even late at night, because he knows how unsettling having unanswered questions can be. He will painstakingly go through our essay plans sent as images through whatsapp, even though we all know how tiring it is to read these things on the phone. He is exactly the type of teacher you would need right after your exams – he picks out your learning points and guides you on how to proceed from there. With Mr Koh, there is no stock memorisation of monotonous content so characteristic of our education system. Wherever possible, he creates parachute concepts that we become so familiar with, the content is naturally internalised within us. There is little more to say about Mr Koh’s parachute concepts, other than that they work like a wonder. Economics has really become so much clearer and understandable with Mr Koh’s help!
Engracia Loh (RI) – A in Econs
Ever since the first trial class I went for near the end of J1, Mr Koh's teaching pedagogy has already bought me over. Mr Koh doesn't focus purely on the teaching of economics content unlike most conventional teachers; instead, he focuses on the use of his parachute and balloon concepts that made econs a lot less daunting and content-heavy to study as it was before. Subconsciously, as he constantly repeated his useful acronyms and topic breakdowns in class, these slowly became etched in the back of my mind with every essay I write and every CSQ I attempt. I do believe this has proven useful as it drew closer and closer to As, as the use of Mr Koh's methods helped to cut down the time spent on econs, yet with higher productivity of learning. Lessons aside, Mr Koh is very approachable in and out of class, and it is always comforting to know that he will be encouraging you every step of the way. It is hard to find a teacher that truly cares 🙂
Seah Xin Yun (HCI) – A in Econs
I first joined Mr Koh after I got an E for my CT2 exams in August. As it was close to prelims period, I thought my econs could never be improved in time. I had always worked very hard for my economics, but with no results. However, Mr Koh took a subject that I once found extremely convoluted and overwhelming and broke it down to very simple 'parachute concepts' that made the entire syllabus easy to digest and understand. His tips on how to structure essays were my saving graces, and I became much better at strategising my answers for both essays and case studies. His lessons were informative and enjoyable -- I rarely lost focus during his lessons. More than this, Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated and caring teacher. He was willing to stay back for as long as it took in order to clarify all our doubts, and encouraged us to submit practice essays for him to mark. He was also encouraging and made an effort to know all his students personally, and continued being a source of guidance and support during and even after our A levels. Within 1 month, I improved to a B for my prelims. I can safely say that my only regret was not joining Mr Koh's classes earlier. I would recommend him to any student that is struggling in economics and needs guidance and direction.
Natalie Lim (RI) – B in Econs
I joined Mr Koh's tuition at the end of JC1, when I realized I couldn't depend on luck (of happening to memorize the right contents), to score well. I was lost in the contents of my lecture notes, and felt a need for a more targetted study approach. I started off with Mr Koh's holiday crash courses, which convinced me that Econs can be studied in a structured manner: Parachute concepts and application frameworks. I like how Mr Koh's frameworks are designed to let us ``work backwards`` from the types of questions tested in exams. When I saw that all the A-level and prelim questions could be categorized into these frameworks, it gave me a sense of relief - that mastering these frameworks would make me almost foolproof. Through Mr Koh's well-paced lessons, I began to see direct links between key contents, and their applications in commonly-tested questions. In TET, funny acronyms (created by Mr Koh) have always helped me to easily recall the frameworks I've learnt. My doubts were instantly cleared by referring to his comprehensive guidebook, which is very concise, or by Mr Koh's prompt responses (physically and virtually). Thank you, Mr Koh, for making the process very manageable!:)
Yong Kang Yee (RI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh has a unique style of teaching Economics that is surprising effective. The frameworks that he created can be used to solve most of the difficult questions in A levels(both essay and case study). The frameworks truly aid one in the thought process in answering such questions and ultimately coming up with an answer that is short yet succulent. I would recommend it to anyone who needs help urgently and needs a fresh perspective in studying for A level Economics.
Chan Yu Xuan (NJC) – A in Econs
Inspiring, supportive, dedicated and directed. The knowledge Mr Koh imparted went above and beyond my expectations: both in the clarity and accessibility of his methods, their efficacy in practice, and his superb lesson delivery. A lot of thought goes into curating his lesson plans, to fit the exact objectives of econs tuition - a place to refine content rather than deliver it; where we separate the wheat from the chaff to achieve focus in our essays. His lessons, too, were as much about learning as they were life-quenching - Mr Koh is an immeasurably kind and knowledgeable individual, and not once have I felt apprehensive in consulting him about economics, scholarships, good cafes, or even life advice. His lessons truly brightened up my Wednesday evenings 🙂
Tee Ming Zee (RI) – A in Econs
When I joined Mr Koh’s Economics tuition class, it was at the end of J1, after my promotional examinations, as I was not feeling confident about that subject. Mr Koh was kind enough to give my friend, Rachel, and I an introduction to his classes, explaining how the lessons usually go and the reasons behind his approach. I thought this was really useful as it allowed me to decide if my learning style went well with his teaching methods, before committing to his lessons. For me, the best part about Mr Koh’s lessons is the exposure to current economic activities happening around the world (which can be really useful for GP as well :D). After attending Mr Koh’s lessons, I could feel my confidence and interest in the subject growing gradually. Previously, I always felt that my essays do not really answer the question and case study questions were very difficult to score. However, under Mr Koh’s guidance, I learnt to better organize my content into suitable essay structures and thus, answering essay questions more effectively. In addition, Mr Koh’s constant encouragement for his students is also very heart-warming. I fondly remember staying back after lessons to ask questions and afterwards, we’ll even chat a little about how school life is. Mr Koh is a passionate and inspiring teacher whom I’m very grateful to have had met on my JC journey. With his guidance and your very own hard work, you would definitely be able to develop your interest as well as become more confident in Econs.
Lim Yu Lin (RI) – A in Econs
Being a relatively new and foreign subject, I struggled with understanding and applying economic concepts in J1. following my friend's recommendation, I signed up for Mr Koh's classes, and found it so engaging and effective. His attentiveness during lessons made sure that every single student understood what was going on, and by asking us questions, we had to actively think during his lessons and not just absorb. He is thoughtful of the students as well, providing appropriate breaks and giving us food to snack on 🙂 His methodologies are also highly effective and yet simple to remember and apply, and big topics could easily be covered using various parachute concepts to prevent any portion from being left out. Mr Koh is also a very dedicated teacher always contactable through text, replying to all my questions promptly and clearly. I'm glad I chose to attend Mr Koh's classes, Economics became a really enjoyable subject to study.
Chern Jing Yi (HCI) – A in Econs
Econs was a subject that I had initially given up hope on, since I had other subjects doing very badly and had no time to spare for Econs, which is more unpredictable than the Math and Sciences. However, I decided to join Mr Koh's classes in June of my J2 year when he opened a new Friday session. Still remembered how I was stunned when he asked me whether I was more confident in micro or macroeconomics - I had no idea what was the difference. Mr Koh is a really cheerful and eloquent teacher, and his parachute concepts packages all the content into frameworks that you can actually use to tackle all question types appearing in exams. These frameworks turns Econs into a much more predictable subject in that there are model frameworks to tackle various question types. This is critical since Econs is very content heavy and simply memorising content would get you nowhere, you would still be lost. Mr Koh is also a really dedicated teacher who genuinely enjoys what he does, providing us with consultations, snacks and out-of-textbook information about the global scene during breaks, which is eye-opening. Thanks to Mr Koh, I managed to get A for Econs in the A Levels despite the long streaks of S and Us throughout JC. Thank you Mr Koh!
Wu Licheng (HCI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh has been one of the most dedicated and understanding teachers whom I’ve had the privilege of meeting. His unwavering patience in class, willingness to go over explanations multiple times upon any request and the way he makes immense time and effort to give us personal feedback after each school examination has really moved me. With Mr Koh’s vast experience, resources and tested methodology, econs definitely has become a less daunting subject, which made a great difference to my confidence leading up to the A level examinations!
Lim Su Lyn (HCI) – A in Econs
I joined Mr Koh at the end of J1 and was struggling terribly with economics. I was unable to fully comprehend economic concepts and naturally i sought help and hence, joined Mr koh for lessons. The most appealing thing about Mr koh's teaching style that made learning economics less mundane and more condensed, were his frameworks and parachute concepts. For someone with trouble memorising and summarising topics, those were a lifesaver. His guidebook was like a bible for my economics journey and it was very useful for revision. His teaching style also allowed us to learn many real life examples where economic concepts were utilised and it made economics tuition more enjoyable. He also had a resource bank of youtube videos and flash cards which came in very handy for revision or a quick refresher. Economics for me was always something i lacked confidence in but Mr Koh was able to make learning simpler and his large variety of resources meant that i could refresh parachute concepts and frameworks at my own pace at home as well. Mr koh is also always willing to clarify doubts and when he is going through more sophisticated concepts he tends to explain slower for the benefit of the class. Thank you Mr koh for your hard work and helping me improve drastically in my economics!
Jeremiah Ong (HCI) – A in Econs
I never wanted tuition in my JC life but when my elder brother told me that Mr Koh confirm A then why not right? But seriously Mr Koh is damn zai. He makes econs much simpler by breaking it into ``parachute`` concepts. This helped me to understand the topics much better and even developed an interest for a previously thought to be boring subject. Mr Koh also teaches you how to answer the A lvl questions which is what most tutors in school or other centres miss out. This helped me to score better in school exams with the knowledge i had. Compared to my peers who knew about the subject but struggled to appropriately present their answers in the examinations. Mr Koh is also the most genuine tution teacher out there. He cares for your entire well-being including your other commitments such as your CCA and other subjects. He is always willing to provide favours and offers us super welfare like food and nice places to study. Classes are also super chill so i really didnt mind going for ``extra lesson`` after school. And with his 10++ years of experience, come on he writes the answer key to the tys that your school ask you to buy. I was very assured that my econs will do well, and if you listen to him you can do well too.
Joel Chin (NJC) – A in Econs
Mr Koh was a very passionate mentor whom i met in the middle of year 2. I was struggling with my econs in sch with only a few months left before A levels and I remember feeling extremely lost and desperate. Despite my circumstances, Mr Koh approached tutoring me with confidence that I could do well and had his lessons well planned and structured with solid concepts and frameworks. His strong belief in his teaching methods and frameworks as well as his passion for teaching makes Mr Koh a truly wonderful tutor and mentor.
Jacob Tay (NJC) – A in Econs
I only joined Mr Koh’s class in around late July/August but his effective and concise teaching method enabled me to absorb the essential know-hows in a short amount of time. I was consistently performing below average and even had to take a supplementary paper after my ‘S’ grade in promos. However, after merely two months with Mr Koh, I achieved my best grade in my preliminary examination, which was a ‘C’, then proceeded to secure an ‘A’ in the A’ levels. Thank you, Mr Koh for also always having the welfare of your students in mind, reminding us that there are more important things in life other than results.
Zhang Feng Fang (HCI) – A in Econs
Before I met Mr. Koh, I had studied Economics under a tuition teacher who taught through her force of personality rather than using a knowledge of content and exam-based skills. The result was a miserable introduction to Economics and a struggle through the exam papers, where I often emerged discouraged and frustrated. Within a few weeks of learning under Mr. Koh and his handy guidebook, I finally felt as though I had a measure of control over this wild subject –– I could not hope to tame it, but at least I could be an educated visitor in the safari. My grades climbed from an E in CT 2 to a C in Prelims, before finally a B in the A Levels. Most importantly, I emerged from the exam with a smile on my face and a newfound respect for the subject. That was no doubt founded on Mr. Koh’s steady guidance, his invaluable guidebook and his infinite patience for answering students’ numerous questions. I’m most grateful to Mr. Koh and will remember the hours I spent in his classroom with joy.
Liew Ai Xin (RI) – B in Econs
I'm sure many testimonials have highlighted Mr Koh's competency and passion as an economics tutor, which are easily observable from his thoughtful repackaging of this convoluted subject into a more intuitive one via his ingenious use of parachute concepts and frameworks. Had I joined his class in early J1, I would not have been misguided into thinking it was an easy subject judging by its content, because the difficult part of H2 econs is application. If you begin classes early, you would be able to acquire the necessary skills from a veteran (who is probably over-qualified) with ease and perhaps JC life would be a bit easier with his 一针见血 dissection of the subject.<br /> Beyond economics, Mr Koh is the kind of teacher you have the privilege to meet maybe once in a 50. Despite being loaded with achievements, he is confident yet not arrogant, pragmatic without being cynical. Most importantly, he is down-to-earth and grounds all his teachings in real life. He is not judgmental but seeks to see the best in every student, shit grades or not. He is a great mentor whose Neo-Confucian-esque wisdom and guidance will benefit his students for a long time. The best teachers are remembered for life, as his former student I am very grateful.
Chew Yun Qing (HCI) – B in Econs

Acknowledgement from class of 2015

Mr Koh is one of the teachers I will remember five years down the road. It's hard to find a teacher who is so dedicated to his work, that he skips proper meals and shares fries with his students while they bombard him with questions during consultations. He always has a listening ear, a spare tissue and a word of encouragement for students whenever they feel overwhelmed by the stress of running the A Level marathon. Besides providing emotional support, Mr Koh's concise and thorough outlines give students a bird's eye view of key economic concepts. More importantly, he teaches students how to apply these concepts and to tackle complicated questions by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable components. In many senses, Econs was hardly the only thing I learnt from Mr Koh. I admire Mr Koh for his resourcefulness, meticulousness and business acumen and his series of A Level guide books helped many of my friends, even those who were not under his personal tutelage. Mr Koh's interest in current affairs and deep knowledge of the Singapore economy also inspired me to read The Business Times. To my delight, I realized that economics was highly relevant to daily life and this really drove me to delve deeper and understand everything I could about the subject. He has given me invaluable advice with regards to scholarship and uni applications and he often shares touching personal anecdotes in class, reminding students that grades are simply a stepping stone to greater dreams.
Jessie Lim Jia Hui (HCI) – A in Econs
When I first joined Mr Koh’s class, I had zero idea on what Economics was all about. His weekly lessons and continuous guidance throughout my 2 years in JC were pivotal in enabling me to get a final ‘A’ grade in my ‘A’ levels. Never once shying away from questions, Mr Koh is patient, encouraging and fosters a healthy and conducive learning environment for his students. He does not rush through the content he aims to cover; rather, he tailors each lesson according to the students’ needs and ensures that a solid understanding has been achieved. He always comes to class well-researched and duly prepared—we could never rattle him with out-of-the-box questions! I truly admire his effort in making Economics more accessible to his students, and his continuous endeavor to make scoring in Economics an easy feat. Some unique offers from Mr Koh that I have benefitted from include his parachute concepts, essay frameworks and content summary mind-maps. It helps a lot that he has organized such a convoluted and messy subject (perhaps only in our heads!) into one that is more structured and far less daunting. I enter examination halls with greater confidence, knowing that I will be able to tackle the questions based on Mr Koh’s frameworks. His materials have been helpful beyond measure and I am grateful for the amount of hard work that has been poured into them. More than just a face we see every week, Mr Koh has always gone above and beyond as a mentor. From encouraging us with small treats in class, to promptly responding to our endless bombardment of questions over Whatsapp, to interspersing bite-sized life advices during lessons-she makes weekly Economics tuition, oddly, something to look forward. He is personable, humorous and wise and above all, he is able to connect to his students. I have Mr Koh to thank, for making my Economics learning journey a pleasant yet intellectually rigorous one, and I speak on behalf of my fellow classmates that Mr Koh is someone we respect and admire—a true role model and inspiration for all of us. I count every blessing that I managed to find an excellent mentor like Mr Koh and the sense of gratitude I have towards him goes beyond words. Thank you for everything, Mr Koh!
Phionna Teo (RI) – A in Econs
Economics may be a nightmare for some, and it certainly was for me for most of my JC life. Having felt rather lost despite attempts to make my own notes by summarising the school’s lecture notes, it was no wonder that I consistently scored an S or U. However, through Mr Koh’s lessons, my perception of Economics slowly shifted, and with it, my approach to how I studied for it, and wrote my essays. In Mr Koh’s lessons, he teaches the specific concepts that are tested for each topic, how to categorise essay questions, the essay structure for each type that would show the marker strong economic analysis instead of just a content spam, and much more. His consistent emphasis on important things to note such as context being key, as well as the humorous anecdotes and analogies he uses in his explanations are effective in helping his students understand and remember the concepts taught. Moreover, the guidebook he has written has proven to be exceptionally helpful in my understanding and learning of Economics. Mr Koh’s dedication to teaching is evinced through the cheerful manner in which he always conducts his lessons, but more than that, it is shown through how he always encourages his students to ask questions and book extra consults outside the lesson if they had further queries, how he encourages his students to submit essays- marking and returning them with many comments and constructive feedback, and how he reads every student’s exam script and meets them after to discuss how they can improve. Even though I was a slow learner and late bloomer, having only gotten my first A in an Economics essay at prelims, Mr Koh’s patience and constant encouragement to “lose a few battles but win the war” will not be forgotten. Ultimately, scoring an A for Economics in the A Level Exams would have been impossible if not for his help.
Beth Chan (HCI) - A in Econs
I began attending Mr Koh’s lessons in June of my J2 year, after struggling with macroeconomics. Within just the first few lessons, the subject felt so much more manageable! Mr Koh’s parachute concepts were very clear and easy to apply, allowing me to not only tackle a wide range of econs questions, but also structure my revision efficiently. The lessons are skill-focused, which was extremely useful in the months leading up to A levels as he covered tips ranging from time management to how to go about choosing questions- things that could make or break an exam, but are often overlooked. Mr Koh would always go the extra mile to help us with econs, staying back after lessons so that we could clarify any doubts and remaining contactable via whatsapp. The learning environment was very comfortable and we had plenty of opportunity to ask questions- basic ones or ones out of the syllabus, anything goes (-: Beyond academics, Mr Koh is one of the friendliest and most genuine people I’ve met- I really appreciate all the encouragement and candid life lessons that he gave my friends and me through the highs and lows of JC. Thank you Mr Koh! (-:
Chow Huiru (RI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh is probably the most dedicated, genuine and of course effective tuition teacher that is out there. It doesn't feel like he is teaching us purely as a job but rather really out of passion for both students and Economics. His classes make you feel confident about scoring for Economics and there is often this 'enlightening' feeling as information is distilled and explained. What I liked most, other than the interesting stories Mr Koh told us. He often taught us interesting things about Economics, for example, how you can use Economics to make money hahaha) , is how he makes studying for Economics so much easier with his parachute concepts and acronyms. Also, Mr Koh really cared for us and often gave us encouragement( sometimes in the form of Chinese sayings too!) and life lessons. Never regretted coming here!
Kesajil Lim Li En (ACJC) – A in Econs
As a science student, I am more inclined towards a structured based approach to studying, which served me well for all my academic subjects, except Economics. I struggled with the analytical questions that the subject demands, and despite numerous consultations, I felt that a different style of learning is required of Economics. That was when I was introduced to Mr Koh and his unique pedagogy of the Parachute Concepts. It marked a 180 degree turn not only in my Economics grades, but also in the way I viewed the subject. Basically, Mr Koh brought simplicity and structure to Economics, something that I thought was impossible with complexity and broad scope of the syllabus. His methodology gave me confidence to tackle any type of questions, which I believe is immensely important for the A Levels, especially when the papers get increasingly unpredictable. The small class size, together with the flexibility of changing classes, were special features of Mr Koh’s class which I find extremely useful, given the hectic schedules of many JC students. During class, he also shares his life stories and personal insights on how A Levels is but just a small hurdle in our lives. His lively and friendly demeanor never fails to lighten the atmosphere during lessons. Mr Koh is indeed a rarity in today’s tuition industry, with his dedication towards Economics, and the holistic mindset he seeks to inculcate in every student. Mr Koh is not only a tutor, but a friend, someone who takes the extra step to know you better as a person. This is what makes him stand out from the rest.
Jesse Tan (HCI) - A in Econs
I still remember my first lesson with Mr Koh. It was just my classmate, me and him. Since our class size was small, Mr Koh was able to customize lessons to cater our needs and at a suitable pace. That said, even as he slowly expanded his classes, he was still able to customize lessons to suit the needs of each class and ensured that we were all learning. I enjoyed his lessons very much because he was very structured and clear, introducing acronyms for us to easily remember Economics concepts. He made Economics seem so much easier and actually fun to learn. Apart from in-class help, he was always eager to help us out of class as well. Whenever I had problems, I would message him and he would get back to me as soon as he could, sometimes to the extent of sending a long email to explain my question. Thank you Mr Koh for the support and help you have given me. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do as well for Economics J.
Joey Tay (HCI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh’s tuition has definitely done wonders to my Econs grade as well as changing my perception of Econs as a subject. Mr Koh used to always say “Divide and Conquer”, and that was exactly how his lessons were structured- by breaking down huge complicating concepts into smaller, more digestible explanations. I really appreciated Mr Koh’s patience as I felt comfortable asking him “stupid” questions which really helped me strengthen my foundation. Thanks to Mr Koh, I managed to improve from a grade U from the middle of JC1 to a grade A in my A Levels!
Caryl Lei Shi Ying (SAJC) – A in Econs
Far from pure memory work, Economics is all about application. At TET, Mr Koh uses effective teaching techniques to develop students' ability to apply their knowledge. This goes way beyond what the school can provide, as school notes tend to only offer content. Mr Koh's lessons gave me deeper insight into what Economics was all about, and enabled me to access what was otherwise a very daunting area of study. Mr Koh is also always very understanding and patient when it comes to students asking questions, regardless of how silly they may be. I have really enjoyed Mr Koh's lessons for the past one and a half years, as he has not only been a great tutor, but also a great mentor and friend!
Rachel Ang Shu Yien (RI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated and passionate teacher. Economics lessons with him are extremely interesting as he uses real-life examples as well as funny analogies to help us understand key concepts. Whenever we have queries, he is always quick to reply to the best of his abilities. Mr Koh has not only taught us how to do well for Economics, but has also taught us many life lessons and given us many words of encouragement that we will never forget. Once again, thank you Mr Koh!!
Tan Si Ning (NJC) – A in Econs
Mr Koh’s lessons are always engaging! I actually felt genuinely excited to attend his economics lessons every week (to the amusement of my peers) because I felt like I was learning not just to score, but to know more about how the real world works. Syllabus wise, Mr Koh is clear, incisive and teaches you what you need to know for the A levels in a swift and directed manner. His economics lessons were definitely an essential part of my A level journey, and his quirky didactic life lessons have certainly stuck with me as well! Thank you for your guidance Mr Koh!
Christine Saw (RI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh is more than just an ordinary economics tutor. Not only is he effective in his teaching pedagogies, he often went the extra mile to ensure the well-being of his students and sought to establish a personal relationship with them. Personally, Mr Koh provided me with valuable sound advice relating to internships and scholarships. Many times, he willingly sacrificed his break time between lessons to provide constructive feedback so as to improve our understanding of Economics and to help us develop into a better person. Mr Koh is definitely an effective economics tutor who can help you achieve your ‘A’ for Economics!
Tan Pey Shiuan (HCI) – A in Econs
I remember being one of Mr Koh's first few students for our batch when it was just my classmate, me and him. Despite expanding the class from just 2 people to more than 2 full classes per week, Mr Koh was always able to customize his lessons such that each and every individual could receive the attention and help they needed (or at least for me). Not only does his maintain an excellent teaching discipline but also tries to engage with us through random fun facts that has made learning and studying economics more enjoyable or less mundane. Not only is Mr Koh helpful in class but also out of class as whenever I encountered any problem, I would immediately text him. I remember abusing this so much so that I felt I was overwhelming him with questions and not only from me but from other students too. Despite that, Mr Koh still manages to reply as soon as he can in between his lessons or whenever he is able to check his phone. Mr Koh is a motivator and is one of the main reasons why I wanted to do well for Econs: to not disappoint the teacher that has put in so much effort for me. Without you, Mr Koh, I don't think I would have done as well as I did so thank you so much!
Timothy Chuah (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr Koh's Economics tuition had immensely facilitated my learning of the subject by providing a clear theme and characterization of each topic, to allow for the development of different approaches and content knowledge in answering various topical questions. For myself, I had struggled for quite a while in Economics because I lacked the ability to clearly express the required conceptual knowledge in my answers, despite having already memorised most of the content that would have been sufficient for a good grade. I also had a tendency to write out of topic given that I had no idea how to formulate my responses to address the key words and requirements of the questions. Mr Koh's tuition helped to give my relatively ``messy`` essays a clear, easy-to-apply structure specific to the requirements of the question, allowing me to not only answer essay questions well, but within a shorter time. His self-developed parachute concepts also identifies key concepts and ideas which need to be comprehensively covered to grasp the essence of individual topics like Market Structure and Demand and Supply. Mr Koh's lessons are very engaging and interesting, with Mr Koh being very passionate in teaching his students (even while outside lesson periods by responding to inquiries on Whatsapp and marking additional essays completed by his students). Thanks to Mr Koh's help and guidance, I managed to secure an ``A`` for Economics during the A levels despite my earlier struggles.
Shawn Chan Soon Han (HCI) - A in Econs
Before I attended Mr Melvin Koh's classes, I always struggled to find ways to memorise as well as apply the concepts I learnt. Though I could somewhat grasp the content, I never could understand which part of the content I should include in my essays. Mr Koh made Economics seem really easy. His essay structures made things significantly easier as I began to know what was required in each question, and would not waste time writing content that was not necessary. Moreover, his parachute concepts helped me a lot, as from looking at the parachute concepts I was able to zoom in on what I still needed to work on. Mr Koh also helped to link the concepts we learn to the questions we have to answer, which was extremely useful! On top of being very clear and precise when teaching, Mr Koh's classes never failed to be engaging and interactive. He would often give us tips on how to improve and would willingly answer any questions, making sure that everyone in the class are on the same page. I am incredibly grateful to him as i'm a person who tends to ask questions after class, but he would stay back and answer every single one of them! I would definitely recommend Mr Koh to be your Economics tutor and would like to thank him for everything he has done!(:
Chang Kai Wen (SRJC) – B in Econs
Economics is unlike any subject taught in Secondary school, and students may struggle to find a breakthrough. It is thus advisable that students find help as early as possible in order to excel in it. Mr Koh is a passionate Economics teacher who is able to ease students into this relatively new subject. He condenses the topics into parachute concepts, which allow students to gain a bigger picture of they are learning. Instead of telling students to regurgitate sample essays or notes, Mr Koh teaches ‘one-size-fits-all’ frameworks that allows students to address various question types appropriately. Students would find themselves armed with the right strategies to tackle each question with confidence, rather than dive blindly or fumble their way through them. Mr Koh certainly does espouse the belief of working smarter instead of merely working harder. If not for his guidance, I would have floundered in my A Level Economics paper. Thanks to his teaching, I was able to study with understanding, score an A for my economics paper, and most importantly, enjoy the learning process! Thank you, Mr Koh!
Andrew Cheong (HCI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh’s parachute concepts have helped me a great deal in understanding concepts and organsing my learning for H2 Econs. With overwhelming content that we were exposed to, the parachute concepts helped me pinpoint critical concepts and not lose track of the big picture. I was thus able to apply these concepts in exams and answer questions up to expectation. Also, Mr Koh even took time out of class to answer my doubts. He was helpful, patient and very familiar with the content. I am thankful to be able to receive reliable and timely help. With Mr Koh’s guidance along the way, I was able to build up confidence in Econs. He played an important role in my learning and I would not have achieved an A without his support!
Liu Yuxi (HCI) – A in Econs
While my results in economics hadn't exactly been horrible, I still struggled to do consistently well in the exams. Mr Koh's tuition has truly been great in helping me understand the demands of each question type and in summarising the various concepts, the latter being significant considering the unnecessarily thick notes that most JCs provide. His latest book summarises all these concepts really well and provides all that is needed for quick revision before the exams. Other subtle things such as tips on time management, understanding the question, and how to structure my essays were all covered by Mr Koh. He even helps students outside of class, answering any queries promptly via whatsapp. Highly recommended!
Nicholas Foong (RI) – A in Econs
Economics is a dynamic, fascinating subject with immense relevance to our daily lives. Mr Koh is one of the few teachers who does the subject justice. Mr Koh seamlessly connects related topics into a coherent big picture, which helps students develop an understanding that is more than skin deep. In particular, I benefited greatly from how he bridged all the macroeconomic topics together. Yet, beyond conceptual understanding, Mr Koh knows the importance of strategic examination techniques. He regularly invents acronyms to speed up revision, and introduces essay frameworks to deal with different kinds of questions. I vividly remember, too, his pre-exam counselling, where he would coach us to adopt the appropriate attitude towards the upcoming test. Finally, I must not neglect to mention that Mr Koh is a highly affable teacher! Over the two years, he has become a friend to many of us - he is generous in sharing his past experiences, and always patient to take questions, even if they are unrelated to Economics.
Jasmine Thng (HCI) – A in Econs
Mr Koh has really been one of the most helpful, caring and supportive teachers I've had in JC. His teaching style is highly effective as he organises the syllabus into very clear compartments such that everything seems much simpler and easier to internalise. He also makes his lessons interactive so that we are constantly thinking and are mentally active in class (and not stoning). He also encourages us to raise questions in class, and for those who are shyer, he also welcomes questions via email and whatsapp. Overall, I'm glad to have been taught by Mr Koh, he helped me get my A for Econs!
Clara Ng Chai Lin (HCI) - A in Econs
Mr. Koh is a teacher who is caring and willing to to go the extra mile to help his students excel in economics as well as to provide advice and guidance with regard to problems they face in academia and in life. His teaching style and curriculum is designed to be easily understood, extremely effective and easy to execute especially under pressure in the exam hall. At the same time, his teaching style is unrestrictive and open in terms of encouraging students to think beyond the syllabus requirements, especially in how to comprehensively break down and answer economic questions, and to constantly challenge their own grasp of, and ability to eloquently put forth economic arguments and analysis. Most importantly, Mr. Koh is a teacher that is able to motivate his students to work for better results as well as to inspire an interest in the subject he teaches.
David Boo Koh (HCI), A in Econs

Acknowledgement from class of 2014

Before joining Melvin's Econs tuition, I was constantly distraught over my grades in Econs and struggled to grasp the concepts without avail. I scored a U grade in my Econs for my J2 prelims and was losing hope as the A level examinations were just a month away. When my friend Benjamin Tan recommended me to join him at Melvin's tuition center and after showing me his website and qualifications, I did not hesitate and signed up immediately. Joining Melvin's tuition class was a decision that I would never have regretted. In a mere month, after learning all of Melvin's ingenious parachute concepts and essay approaching techniques, my understanding of the Economic concepts improved by leaps and bounds. With his vast knowledge in economics, Melvin has effectively broken down and organized the topics into his parachute concepts, making it very simple and easy to remember. After memorizing the parachute concepts and acronyms, approaching essay questions became a breeze and I was able to churn out well structured essays with ease by using Melvin's approach. Ultimately, both Benjamin Tan and I managed to attain a distinction in H2 Economics for the A levels, and I am really thankful to Melvin for helping me improve so much in just a month.</p> <p>Apart from his vast knowledge in economics and patience in teaching, Melvin is also a very outgoing and friendly mentor. Even after the A levels, I have still benefitted a lot from Melvin's mentorship through his financial literacy course and his career planning advice.
Daniel Tam, NYJC (2014) - (A in Econs)
Mr Melvin Koh, he may be one of the most genuine persons I have ever met. He goes the extra mile just to help his students do well. Well frankly, as a kid who didn’t fancy Economics from the start, failing my H2 throughout JC1 till mid-years in JC2 did not make me like it more. However, Mr Koh manage to make me love the subject. From the U grade in the JC2 mid-years to an A in the A’levels, tell me this man is not incredible. Something different about tuition under Mr Koh is that you as a student will feel totally comfortable with him. He treats you like his friend. Not only because he’s so nice, he genuinely wanted to help every student. Which tuition teacher will set up consultations FOC? Well Mr Koh did, and thanks to his hardwork answering questions through emails and texts everyday(even on the weekends), I am an A student in H2 economics.
Joshua Chin, NYJC (2014) - (A in Econs)
Taking H2 Economics during the A Levels isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The rush to complete 3 essays with limited time or the frenzy to apply those complex economic concepts to a newly introduced scenario in the CSQ makes Economics a subject that cannot be studied through rote memorisation. I’m grateful to have met Mr. Melvin Koh who is such an experienced and understanding teacher. Mr. Koh may not have formal teaching experience at public schools but it is this very trait that differentiates him from the typical Economics tutors at JCs. The average teacher resorts to analysing question trends and focusing on the “easy topics”. What distinguishes Mr. Koh is that his status as a trained economist with private sector experience allows him to identify topics, which are often ignored by students despite their relative simplicity. Often times, conventional wisdom is misleading as it results in students spotting and force fitting essays without considering the nuances of questions. Mr. Koh’s approach of favouring the conceptual understanding over “spamming” essays ensures that students are able to write an essay that addresses the question succintly and with depth as well. Mr. Koh jettisons conventional pedagogy for his own unique teaching philosophy, which prizes clarity and cohesiveness. Doing well in economics is<br /> not just about chucking down any concept you remember but also aiming for a complete answer that doesn’t leave out any key words or points. Mr. Koh’s parachute techniques have been extremely helpful in ensuring that candidates are able to hit all the right notes and within the time limit.</p> <p>More importantly, Mr. Koh is a kind and understanding teacher who is willing to go beyond the call of duty to listen and provide advice to his students whom are struggling with Economics. I personally recall seeking his help after I failed my Economics paper during the Prelims. I was amazed that he was willing to take the time to analyse my script despite the fact that I was not a regular student of his tuition classes (I had only attended his crash-course during the June holidays). It is the little things like this, which truly makes Mr. Koh one of the best tutors in the business.</p> <p>Thank you Mr. Koh, I would not have scored my A in Economics without you.
Kevin Tan, HCI (2014) - (A in Econs)
As a JC2 student in Nanyang Junior College, I was most worried for the A level Economics paper because no matter how much effort i put in, i always got the same result (A borderline pass or a fail). That is when i started to search online for economics tuition and i found Mr Koh's website. I immediately sent him an email with regard to attending his classes. Not only did i receive a prompt reply, i received a warm welcome to his lessons. His lessons were informative, easy to follow and highly relevant to the A level examinations. After a few lessons with Mr Koh, i began to understand and appreciate economic parachute concepts and started to develop an interest in the subject. The notes provided were also detailed and clarified most of the doubts i had. Within a few weeks of lessons, my results jumped from an S (in my mid-years) to a B (In my prelims) and eventually an A (In the A Levels examinations). That being said, questions and doubts regarding certain topics would always surface at unexpected times and i always found it hard to clarify these questions with my school tutors. That is when Mr Koh plays an integral part in my learning as he is almost always available via SMS or WhatsApp to address any questions that we might have. He is extremely open to any question and answers them in the most detailed manner, ensuring that we understand the concepts. He also sets aside time outside the classroom for group consultations to allow us to learn from others' mistakes and strengthen our understanding of certain topics.</p> <p>Most importantly, Mr Koh reminds us that while the A Levels Examinations are important, it is also essential for us to realise that life has much more to offer than just results alone. This somehow relaxes us (which is exactly what we need weeks before the major exam) and we can perform at optimum condition during the A levels.</p> <p>So much more can be said about Mr Koh's excellence as a tutor and i highly recommend Mr Koh to be your economics tutor!
Jeremy Teo, NYJC (2014) – (A in Econs)
Mr Koh is a dedicated and intelligent tutor who has in-depth knowledge of the current syllabus and the relevant tips and tricks to scoring an A for economics. With his barrage of parachute concepts, one can expect to grasp the theory component of economics easily. Further supplemented by his essay and CSQ answering techniques, the road to improving your grades becomes a breeze.
Tay Yu Jia, HCI (2014) - (A in Econs)
Melvin has improved my interest in economics by linking economic concepts to real-life examples, increasing my mental stamina and focus during econs lessons,resulting in more efficient and effective learning. He condensed key learning points of each topic into parachute concepts that wrap up an entire chapter's worth of content. Furthermore, the parachute concepts were made easier to memorize through the use of abbreviations. His essay writing techniques are straight forward as students simply had to follow a relevant template that required little memory work. Moreover, Melvin has not only caused a leap in my economics grades, but his techniques have allowed me to allocate more time for my other subjects.
Chiang Ming Zhe, YJC (2014) - (B in Econs)
Mr Koh is the one I have to thank for completely turning my Economics grade around, from a U during prelims to an A for A levels. His extensive knowledge of Economics is evident as he is able to fluidly clarify any doubts and is able to summarise and break down the syllabus into concise sections, making it seem less daunting to tackle and extremely clear. Instead of memorising notes word for word, Mr Koh encourages understanding the chapter before memorising the key points, allowing for greater learning and absorption. He also generously allows us access to his resources and notes, which were extremely useful when memorising and recapping the huge amount of content. Thank you, Mr Koh!
Viana Peng, NYJC (2014) - (A in Econs)
Mr Koh is an engaging and dedicated teacher who never fails to make his lessons interesting and easy to understand. He often goes the extra mile (including staying back after lessons) to patiently answer his students' queries and go through their essays which he has marked. His notes on parachute concepts are also clear, concise and effective, making them easy to absorb yet powerful when applied. They help to break down a question to its roots and act as a cheat-code to tackle nearly every type of question. His ten-year-series books on essay-writing and case studies have also helped me tremendously in understanding the structure and content required in answering a wide variety of questions, making me much more confident in answering techniques. I am truly grateful to Mr Koh for his guidance and support to help me achieve my 'A' for Econs!
Sean Ng, RI (2014) - (A in Econs)
The most distinct aspect of Melvin's teaching methods would be that he is always very focused on having strong understanding of his parachute concepts. Personally, before attending his lessons, I felt as if I was blindly memorising the content of economics, unable to piece information together and score in exams. Through his parachute concepts and consistent essay structures, it helped me see the links between many economics concepts.At the end of the day, I'm really thankful for his essay book and teaching that eventually made me see improvement in my school exams and ultimately achieve a distinction in H2 economics.
Benjamin Tan, NYJC (2014) - (A in Econs)
I started going for Econs tuition after my CT1 whereby my Econs grades were at rock bottom. I was really lost during Econs lessons in class as I did not really have a proper framework to tackle the various questions and I resorted to memorizing the notes wholesale. Only when Melvin introduced to me the parachute concepts did it become easier to draw links between the various topics and categorize questions in a systematic fashion that made it easier to tackle them. So for those who feel that they have no sense of direction for Econs, I strongly urge you to sign up!
Brenan Mah, VJC (2014) - (A in Econs)
Mr Koh's usage of parachute concepts has helped me see the big picture, which complements my school's approach of going through the details. Being a visual person, this mind map helps me to easily recall and pick out the relevant points to answer questions. He also makes Economics lessons entertaining and memorable through his frequent use of acronyms and analogies. By applying economic theories to current world events, Mr Koh helps us to relate to real life issues too.
Lim Say Hwee, SAJC (2014) - (A in Econs)
Mr Koh is an extremely patient and dedicated tutor who is always glad to offer help to his students. He has an in-depth knowledge of Economics and has a unique way of enabling his students to fully understand the concepts of this subject. Mr Koh's parachute concepts are clear and easy to grasp, which saves students the trouble to read through lengthy notes from reference books.Being a meticulous tutor, Mr Koh will suggest specific ways to improvise on parts of the students’ answers to Economics essays and will explain to them if they do not understand. He also shares news related to Economics during tuition, which I find very interesting and useful as examples. As such, I enjoyed the whole process of learning H2 Economics and appreciated all the economic concepts, developing great interest in this subject. I am really grateful for Mr Koh’s help throughout the 2 years of JC, bringing me from a sub-pass to a distinction in the A Level Examination! Thank you Mr Koh!!:)
Poo Jing Ling, JJC (2014) - (A in Econs)
I would like to thank Mr Koh for his patient and consistent guidance throughout my econs journey! Before joining thateconstutor, i had completely no idea how i should approach economics. However, through applying mr koh's parachute concepts, i found studying econs so much easier. Mr Koh's passionate and enthusiastic teaching also deepened my interest in the subject. On top of regular lessons, Mr Koh also makes time for 1 to 1 consults with weaker students and ensures no student is left behind!
Juniper Thang, ACJC (2014) - (B in Econs)
Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated teacher who is always happy to lend a helping hand if you need his help. Before I joined his class, Econs to me was a mere lump of information I had no idea how to structure or piece together for an essay, however, his methods have enabled me to store the information away in my brain such that they can be made use of easily during assignments. His exam combating skills are also A+ and he's always there to give you some encouragement in life, econs related or not. Thank you for all the effort that you put into teaching your students, Mr Koh 🙂
Tay Wan Xin, HCI (2014) – (A in Econs)
Mr Koh's lessons have always been productive and very useful to me. His very own well-thought and uniquely crafted parachute concepts which condensed the economics syllabus made it much easier to study. His passion for teaching and good knowledge of the subject assured me that it was possible for me to score a decent grade in the A Levels. Mr Koh also builds a rapport with his students with his frequent encouragement that motivated us to improve our grades.
Lee Rui Chen, ACJC (2014) - (A in Econs)
Mr Koh is a really patient and nice teacher 🙂 He never fails to give us the best notes and make time for consultations. Economics was a subject that I struggled with initially as it was an entirely new subject in Junior College. I am glad for the parachute concepts introduced that really made studying economics easier. It was no longer about memorizing essays but understanding the concepts that can be very interesting. I am grateful to Mr Koh for igniting the passion for economics in me and it has been my favourite subject ever since 🙂 Thank you Mr Koh!
Shalynn Yeo, NJC (2014) – (A in Econs)
Ever since I started to learn Econs in JC, every test and exam seemed impossible to pass. After going for Mr Koh's tuition, he helped me to see the various ways in which to interpret and dissect the questions thoroughly, especially for the essay component. He never fails to mark and return my essays and in doing so gave me valuable comments to improve. I'm really thankful for the lessons over the past two years! Thanks Mr Koh 😀
Sarah Ye, HCI (2014) – (A in Econs)
Initially, I was really hesitant about going for group tuition because my foundation was weak and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to catch up. I had straight Us since J1 and didn't understand most of what my school taught, but coming for Mr Koh's class really helped to break down what seemed to be difficult in the past, into bite-sized parachute concepts and I improved significantly soon after! Really grateful for Mr Koh's help in the few months before the A levels. Thank you Mr Koh 🙂
Alicia Chang, IJC (2014) – (B in Econs)

Acknowledgement from class of 2013

I would attribute my exceedingly positive experience with Melvin’s classes to three main factors: 1) Small class size + flexibility in switching classes - having tried many other tuition classes, I would consider the small size of Melvin’s classes to be one distinct advantage that his tuition service possesses. Besides the obvious, which is that each student will be given significantly more opportunities to clarify his/her doubts with regards to the syllabus, the classes in different slots are also fine-tuned to suit the needs of each specific group of students to maximise efficiency (e.g the Tuesday class, for example, may focus more on additional insights, whereas Saturday may target at clarifying fundamentals for the weaker students). The flexibility that Melvin provides his tutees in switching classes also benefitted me tremendously. As i was having trouble with certain topics such as Market Structure, I ensured that I attend the ‘clarification’ classes, and when it comes to topics that I was already familiar with, I would attend the classes that focus slightly more on insights. Besides, as a JC student with a busy schedule, the flexibility certainly helped me to attend classes every week. 2) Round-the-clock help - as a dedicated tutor, Melvin provided all his tutees with multiple modes of communication ranging from Email to Whatsapp, and from my experience, I never had to wait more than an hour to get a response to the burning Economics questions I had! Besides, the quality of the responses were also not compromised even though the consultations were outside lesson-time—Melvin has never hesitated to clarify or elaborate on his responses whenever I probed further. His in-depth knowledge of the subject matter also ensured the accuracy in his responses, which is much needed in an A-level subject such as Economics. 3) Guidance beyond Economics - one thing that struck me the most about Melvin is his willingness to guide students through the trying times of JC. Not only that I have received all the help I needed for Economics, I have also received invaluable advices to potential scholarships, university courses and even plausible career paths that I could adopt in the future. It is not difficult to observe that Melvin genuinely cares for all his tutees, and personally, even though our tutor-tutee relationship has officially ended as A-level drew to a close, I would never hesitate to ring him up to chitchat over a cup of coffee.
Alvin Leong, HCI (2013) - (A in Econs)
Melvin's lessons have been very useful. The parachute concepts he teaches are very effective in allowing my daughter see through what each question seeks to test. It also provides the right parameter which was of great support as she embarked on her revision. The framework he uses for essays are well planned and constructed such that my daughter is able to appreciate what each question requires. The knowledge he imparts each lesson is beyond mere text book knowledge. He stretches my daughter's mind to see that economic concepts learnt in the classroom can be applied in the real world. Grace has been much engaged and excited about economics as she sees the greater significance and value of economics. Melvin has been a very devoted teacher, committing much from the start to the end. He has painstakingly set up many channels of contact that allows the students to learn every and any where. He deliberately constructed a twitter account that features real time economics news which are highly relevant to what they are studying. Moreover, he never fails to mark and comment on each additional essay that Grace does on top of other workload that he has. Melvin actively seeks to customize to each students studying pace and preference through follow-up emails. This allows learning to take place throughout the weekday and Grace is grateful for his ability to respond quickly to her doubts through the emails. Melvin plays a role more than a teacher. He seeks to guide and offer much advice to his students for their post college studies. Grace has benefitted academically from the wealth of knowledge that Melvin imparts. She has shown improvements in her econs grade, achieving 97.4 percentile in ACJC for her prelims result. Truly Grace has been ever grateful for the economics tuition that Melvin offers.
Jenny Teo, Daughter in ACJC (2013) - (A in Econs)
I’m very glad to have approached Mr Koh and engaged him as Wai Khei’s tutor. Before Mr Koh, I have engaged many other Economic tutors but<br /> none were able to inspire and cultivate Wai Khei’s interest in Economics like how Mr Koh did. I felt at ease to leave Wai Khei in his hands because he has proven himself to be able to motivate and provide the best guidance to Wai Khei in all aspects. As a parent, I was really happy to see my daughter getting motivated and looking forward to learn and understand Economics, a subject that she used to avoid. The interactive style and discussion mode of his lesson have helped Wai Khei gain a wide variety of insights on issues pertaining to the relevant Economic topics. He introduced to Wai Khei a series of parachute concepts that allowed her to better grasp the syllabus. The versatile essay frameworks also equipped Wai Khei with the ability to strategically tackle every question that is put forth to her. His dedication and passion towards his job as a tutor is highly commendable. Not only did Mr Koh assist Wai Khei in the aspect of academics, he also willingly rendered his help to overcome her inferiority despite the pitfalls she faced. I sincerely appreciated Mr Koh’s presence for making such a positive influence over Wai Khei. He is indeed an outstanding & impressive tutor and I would say that he is one of the best tutors I have met. He certainly possess the competency in providing guidance to the students to achieve an ‘A’ grade just like how he did for my daughter. Thumbs up!
Jasline Tan, Daughter in DHS (2013) - (A in Econs)
Melvin is a very professional, knowledgeable and patient tutor. He is dedicated, supportive and has created a very strong interest in Economics for son, CT that he enjoyed learning. Melvin has gone the extra mile in preparing materials for him to help him. He is amazing beyond all expectations. Melvin gave the best advice and guidance to son and he has been a great mentor. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend Melvin to other students.
Sherine Goh, Son in PJC (2013) - (A in Econs)
Mr Koh is an outstanding teacher in terms of his teaching style as well as character. He sparked my interest for economics as soon as he took over the role as my tutor. Unlike typical Economics tutors, he has an interesting view towards learning and understanding economics that made learning more enjoyable and easier. Facing Economics questions has never been a dreadful thing to do under his guidance. The skills that he has imparted to me remained as an effective tool in dealing with all kinds of questions and it was really amazing as to how those skills really work. It is definitely an attestation to Mr Koh’s abilities and patience he had in him for a student like me, who had been getting a consistent ‘U’ grade for Economics, to leap up all the way to an eventual ‘A’ grade for A-level. Mr Koh ensures that all doubts are cleared before moving on and the teaching pace is comfortable. His teaching does not only revolve around boring theories and concepts but also on twitter! His tweets update his students about real-life situations that are related to Economics, giving us an upper hand by allowing us to understand beyond mere economic theories. Though he is a tutor, he goes beyond his scope of job and is always willing to share with me his life experiences as well as some philosophies he had which inspired me tremendously. The fact that he readily goes an extra mile to ensure the welfare of a student is taken care of is extremely admirable. I’m really thankful for the things that he has done for me thus far and he’s definitely a tutor I would recommend to those in need of an Economics tutor.
Leong Wai Khei, DHS 2013 - (A in Econs)
I was a student from Nanyang Jc. When I was in my Jc 2, I have gotten horrendous grades (low 30s) for my Econ mid year paper. As such, I was panicking over my grades. Through recommendation of my cousin in Sept, I managed to find Mr Koh. Mr Koh's knowledge in Econ is remarkable and his teaching methods are commendable. He could easily point out my weaker areas, and effectively target them with his effective teaching. His explanations and analysis are of great details which could be easily understood through the usage of relevant materials such as events occurring in different countries' economy. This has made learning Econs which has been deemed as an relatively ``dry`` subject much more appealing to me. Besides that, Mr Koh always makes sure I'm well prepared, by providing lots of learning materials such as methods to tackle different questions type and has gone the extra mile to consolidate all jc's question paper with answer scheme. This has made learning Econ a much easier task for me, as I could better improve my area of weakness even more effectively with both his guidance and self practice after tuition by practicing the papers he has given me. It has been even a greater blessing as Mr Koh is a very patient tutor which allows me to voice out my queries immediately without any fear of being a bother. He has also shown great pride in being a tutor by sacrificing his personal time just so that I can have extra lessons with him, even late at night and early in the morning. Just by having a 2 months crash course with him, my Econs grades have improved significantly from a low U in mid years to an A in A'levels. In fact, his tutoring has been of such great impact that I have developed strong interest in Econs and will be majoring in Econs as my degree in university. Hence, his teaching has not only made great improvement in just my grade but has also fostered my interest in Econs.
Yuvin Loo, NYJC (2013) - (A in Econs)
Mr Melvin is a really patient teacher. He’ll go through the concept, as many times as you need, even though he already has done it before, you just have to ask. He also trains us very well, by zero-ing in on questions he knows we will likely have problems with and training both our question analysis and content such that we are prepared by the time A levels come. He is also very encouraging, always giving us motivation with every school assessment we failed. I had gotten a U grade for Econs from J1 to Prelims in J2 and got an A for A levels. I have no doubt that it was due to Mr Melvin’s insightful way of teaching us content and tireless efforts to help us improve our skills, whether it is emailing us his resources or answering our questions over Whatsapp any time. I truly appreciate and feel very lucky to have had him with me as I did the A Levels.
Lidia Syahindah, AJC (2013) - (A in Econs)
Before going for Melvin's tuition, I had little confidence in Econs. However, everything changed after I went for the first lesson, as he patiently goes through the mistakes I made in my prelim paper. Bit by bit, he restores my confidence as he taught us the parachute concepts which can be applied to all questions. He tirelessly reviews the concepts that we forgot and encourages us to persevere to the very end. Thanks to Melvin, I improved miraculously from S for prelims, to A in A levels within a month! He is really an AWESOME tutor!!
Joyce Gee, AJC (2013) - (A in Econs)
When I first started under Mr Koh it was from a friend's recommendation. I remember it being after prelims where we only had a month or so to the A levels. Then, my Econs results were at best an E and there were many concepts I did not understand. Through his lessons, Mr Koh patiently went through different economic concepts and included his very useful frameworks. These frameworks were what helped me understand the various concepts better, and to allow me to pinpoint areas I lacked. In the one month I had lessons with him, I started understanding the concepts and methods to answer various essay questions, which is a very important skill in the A levels. Outside of class, Mr Koh encourages us to email him questions and he does his best to answer them. It has led to an A grade for my econs paper which I have never achieved in my 2 years in JC so I'm extremely thankful to him.
Celia Ang, ACJC (2013) - (A in Econs)
I started lessons with Mr Koh after my Mid Year Exams in JC2. In less than four months, thanks to Mr Koh, I actually topped the cohort during my Prelims!</p> <p>Mr Koh’s teaching style is extremely unique.He does not simply believe in memorising answers but rather delves deep into concepts. Although I enjoyed economics as a subject, I found it difficult to clearly structure my thoughts when writing essays. Mr Koh taught me various skills and techniques (like the parachute concept) and by the time it came to the ‘A’ levels, writing econs essays was a breeze! He also has in-depth knowledge of the type of questions asked and the topics tested in the A levels. Apart from the teaching, Mr Koh is easy to talk to and I had lots of discussions with him during lessons. All in all, he’s the perfect person to help you get an ‘A’ for econs.
Sadhika Billa, SRJC 2013 - (A in Econs)
Melvin is a professional in the field of Economics. His parachute concepts can be used widely to tackle many types of Economics questions, including unfamiliar ones that regularly surface in examinations. His ability to break down complex questions into parts and analyse them gives students a better understanding of the method to approach problems in Economics. He is also a very passionate and approachable tutor who I can clarify my doubts with over Whatsapp outside of tuition classes. He directs his attention to all his students, tailoring his teaching methods specifically to each student through his post-examination, one-to-one consultations. Under his mentorship, I was able to improve tremendously from an E to an A, which I cannot be more grateful for.
Zachary Lau, VJC 2013 - (A in Econs)
Having joined Mr Koh's tuition in the last quarter towards the A level examination, I've learnt the many skills that he has taught me to tackle every single economics question. I had scored straight U's for Economics throughout JC 2, but managed to grasp on to a B grade for my A level which is considered an incredible improvement to me. Mr Koh is a dedicated teacher that gives his full effort in class to make sure that the concepts are delivered to us. He also replies our questions through Whatsapp without fail. After my preliminary examinations, he meticulously reviewed my answer script to figure out what my flaws were and how I can improve them. He also suggested a timeline for me to study on the important topics that were most likely to appear during the A level and offered to check on every essay that I practiced writing. Mr Koh offers many insights about Economics which has helped me greatly in the A level examination. Mr Koh is always cheerful which makes me feel more comfortable to approach him to clarify my doubts. I am thankful towards my knowledgable and dedicated teacher, Mr Koh, in helping me through my struggle in Economics.
Ariel Wan, PJC 2013 - (B in Econs)
Melvin has not only helped me to improve my economics grade, but also made me see economics in a totally different light. With regards to the grades, Melvin would be able to answer any of my questions and adapt his notes to specifically meet my needs and address my weaknesses. It truly is amazing how he can create a perfect set of notes to suit a particular student. As a result of this, I always learnt something new after each lesson, gaining new insights that would help me write better economics essays. Furthermore, having lessons with Melvin has enlightened me, and made me extremely interested in economics. Occasionally, we would discuss real world examples and how we could apply the concepts we learn to these real life situations. I have indeed learnt that economics is a powerful tool that shapes the world around us. Lastly, I am just really thankful to have had Melvin as a teacher. He is patient and would always ensure I fully understand a concept before moving on to the next one. His sui generis system of teaching is unparalleled and effective, and students under his tutelage will soon find themselves destroying economics exams.
Alex, RJC 2013 - (A in Econs)
Melvin has truly been an outstanding economics tutor, one of the many wonderful teachers who has the ability to capture the minds and hearts of students. Melvin always ensures that his lessons are well tailored such that it has direct relevance to the exam requirements. This boost our confidence and ability in handling a variety of questions. Moreover, Melvin has wisely constructed frameworks that help students tackle that fear of dissecting and writing essay questions. Furthermore, to aid in our learning, Melvin makes use of parachute concepts to nail down the key essentials that are critical for economic theme. This has been so useful in guiding us as we do both the case studies and essays as the fundamental economics concept Melvin teaches can be widely applied. This has made studying economics more pleasurable and we study with greater understanding. Additionally, Melvin constantly draws our attention to real life economic scene. This is not only refreshing it also provides great academic benefits as we are well exposed to the types of case study Cambridge or our school could possibly set. As a student, studying could get rather frustrating when doubts in mind cannot be cleared. Thankfully, Melvin provides a 'helpline' to all his students. We are able to what's app or email Melvin the doubts we have as and when we are plagued with questions. As Melvin replies promptly, this greatly facilitates our studying and it also helps us study at our own pace. Melvin is a very dedicated teacher, he not only marks our extra pieces of assignments, he even encourages us to do more that it may be to our benefit. For that, I would always be grateful for his extra effort. Melvin goes beyond his call as a teacher and is always seen to offer a friendly piece of advice to his students. Be it studying tips or further education guidance, Melvin is always there to lend a ear and offer a piece of advice. For all that Melvin has kindly helped me with, I will remain ever thankful.
Grace, CJC 2013 - (A in Econs)
Melvin's clear and simple teaching style has made Econs a lot more manageable and easy to understand for me. More importantly, he has been a very helpful and approachable teacher, answering all my doubts and questions even outside of lessons and round the clock, even despite his busy schedule. He also goes the extra mile in preparing materials, catering to each of his students' needs and making sure everyone benefits equally from his lessons.
Shaun Lim, RI 2013 - (A in Econs)