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Covid-related disruptions may cause some students to lose momentum in their studies. As such, we will be stepping up the rigour in weekly lessons to ensure our students maintain their confidence and engagement with the subject. Each lesson slot focuses on the teaching of application skills and running through of questions. Assignments can be submitted to Mr Koh for marking on a weekly basis.

Saturday:               10 to 12pm

Sunday:                  10 to 12pm

Wednesday:          830 to 930pm (open consultation slot)

Students can opt to attend all 5 hours live over Zoom or via video recordings. They may also attend lessons selectively depending on their needs.

*First lesson can be taken as a trial, in the sense that no fees are payable if the student decides not to continue. Otherwise, the first lesson is still considered in the billing cycle.


Register in JC2 (Jan – Jun period):   $380 (for four lessons)

Register in JC2 (Jul – Oct period):   $420 (for four lessons)

*Once registered, the fees will be locked in throughout the student’s stint with us, i.e. the fees will remain the same from the point of registration until the student graduates.

The fees includes access to Mr Koh’s online resources (online essay-writing software, flashcards, revision Android/iPhone apps) and copies of Mr Koh’s two guidebooks.

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