H2 Economics tuition – Score in Case Studies

March6, 2018
by admin

Most H2 Economics tuition teachers and educators agree that Cambridge had in recent years altered its approach towards testing students on their critical thinking and higher-order analytical skills. This has important implications for the way students approach Paper 1.

Maximising Your Potential For Economics Paper 1 – Mr Koh’s Economics Tuition Approach

The GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Economics Paper 1 on case studies can be viewed as a more thorough assessment of a student’s ability to synthesise data with their content knowledge. Some students may approach case studies in the same way that they would tackle a General Paper comprehension exercise.

Hence, they tend to get unsettled when they find themselves unable to understand the extract or data in full. H2 Economics tuition coach Mr Koh tends to see case study questions in a different way. Instead of treating the article as a primary reference, the primary source should be a student’s content knowledge. As such, Mr Koh’s H2 Economics tuition class often drill his students by making them prepare case study answers without the benefit of reading the extracts (this of course cannot be applied to data interpretation questions).

The above approach trains a student’s ability to identify patterns in case study questions, which improves predictability of the answer structure, regardless of the extract content. By the time Mr Koh’s H2 Economics tuition students proceed to the final examinations, they are a lot more assured of their content knowledge and their ability to dissect questions, regardless of how technically complicated the extracts may be.




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